Wikipedia Get Downed By DDoS Attack

What is DDoS Attack:

The Distributed Denial-of-service attack is a danger and malicious attempt to disrupt normal traffic of a targeted server, service and danger traffic over the internet. It is a danger and malicious attack to destroy the user’s data. DDoS attack is so much dangerous for the servers and also data of any website. Hackers doing hacking and attacking to harm the data of any company and also want to earn some money by the wrong way.

How Wikipedia Suffered by DDoS Attack:

It is bad news for the users to know that Wikipedia gets down for the weekend by the DDoS attack. Wikipedia is the best information providing platform for users over google. After this news, the Wikipedia foundation gives the statement that Wikipedia going to be offline due to some attacking reason over the website. The attack occurred in two stages, subsequently affecting various areas with a close all-out blackout in the US:

  • one cause is high latencies in the Americas form 5 p.m. UTC.
  • And the second one is more outages across the western, eastern and central Europe.

Restored Wikipedia After some Time:

Wikipedia continuously giving the statement that now Wikipedia not working properly it takes some more time and then after some hours Wikipedia on the right track and working properly. So the Wikipedia gives their final statement now our best platform (Wikipedia) restored and all the situation is under control. By getting this news all users are happy to get Wikipedia on the track and they are ready to use it. We can imagine that at this time duration how much loss affected to the Wikipedia. Data restoration is a big and important thing to work on any server and website.

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