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Takedown Services: Protecting Your Brand from Online Threats

Protecting your brand from online threats is more important than ever with the continued cyberattacks businesses must take proactive measures to protect themselves and their network of employees, partners, and prospects. With the rise of social media and online platforms, anyone can post negative content that can harm your brand’s reputation. Our Takedown Services are designed to help you remove harmful content from the internet and protect your brand’s reputation.

Our Tailored Takedown services are specialized cyber security that aim to remove damaging content on the internet. Unlike other countermeasures techniques, our takedown services target specific infringement and abusive content and take action to have them taken down by securium solutions experts.

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Our takedown services maintain

online security because cybercriminals constantly find new ways to abuse digital platforms to commit fraud, disburse malware, or launch phishing attacks. Takedown services serve as a vital tool for identifying these malicious activities and removing them quickly before they cause further harm. With an effective takedown strategy in place, businesses can stay ahead of the ever-evolving threats posed by cybercrime while ensuring their brand integrity remains intact on the web.

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What are Takedown Services?

Takedown services are specialized services that help individuals and businesses remove harmful or illegal content from the internet. This can include defamatory content, copyright infringement, revenge porn, and other types of harmful content that can damage your brand’s reputation.

How Our Takedown Services Work

Content Removal: Our team of experts will work to identify and remove harmful content from the internet. This can include contacting website owners, hosting providers, and search engines to request removal of the content.

Legal Support: In cases where legal action is necessary, we provide support and guidance to help you navigate the legal process and ensure the content is removed quickly and effectively.

Monitoring and Prevention: We also offer monitoring services to help you identify potential threats before they escalate. This can include monitoring social media, forums, and other online platforms for mentions of your brand.

Features of Our Takedown Services

24/7 Support: Need help? Just ask! Our team of experts is available ‪24/7‬ every day of the year.

Global Coverage: We have experts who speak multiple languages worldwide who will assist you with whatever your needs may be.

Customized Solutions: One-time takedown request? Ongoing monitoring? Or something else? Let us know how we can help you best

Continuous Domain Monitoring: Monitor and ingest all available top-level domains, subdomains, and URLs and detect threats across hundreds of millions of websites. Monitor and report on parked domains as they become malicious. Now with the capability to ingest company weblogs, block cloaked domains, and index web page content with Favicons for faster detection of phishing URLs.


How Our Takedown Services Work


global intelligence across various data sources such as PassiveDNS, domain registrars, newly-registered domains, WhoIs data, ISPs, Web Logs, fraudulent SSL certs, Indexed web pages, CDNs, Hosts and Endpoint Security providers


and processes millions of data points through machine learning, computer vision, image matching and optical character recognition to identify possible domain spoofing, typosquatting, phishing, and newly registered or activated malicious domains and subdomains


continuous monitoring of potentially malicious domain registrations via parked page detection, fraudulent favicon usage, anti-cloaking technology and full string or substring matching


alerts on targeted threats, including cloned web content and materials, trademark infringement, and spoofing


the takedown process to swiftly report, block, and remove malicious domains, stop multichannel phishing campaigns, and block IP infringement

Remove Content

our experts identify and remove all harmful content from the web. We’ll contact website owners, hosting providers, or search engines to get rid of them for good.

Legal Support

Occasionally legal action is necessary to take down certain types of content. In those cases, we can provide support and guidance throughout the process.

Monitor and Prevent

We also check for potential threats before they escalate. By monitoring online forums and platforms like social media, we help you stay one step ahead.

Why Us

Benefits of Our Takedown Services


Avoid fraud, scams, and compromised credentials by detecting and removing phishing websites, fake SSL certificates, and malicious URLs, even when the URL doesn’t make any overt references to your brand.


Gain detection capabilities leveraging algorithmic and ML approaches to circumvent the trend of increasingly sophisticated detection evasion techniques.


Target the source domain and disrupt attacker infrastructure via ZeroFox’s Global Disruption Network, including partner hosts, registrars, CDNs, ISPs, and more. Now integrated with GoDaddy and Google Cloud’s Web Risk for faster blocking of threats at scale.


Respond to threats faster and quickly pursue takedown requests of malicious domains and URLs.


Receive near real-time notification of newly registered or observed domains related to your brand, including when they become active.

Protect Your Reputation

Damaging posts can ruin credibility quickly. Removing them helps maintain trust with your customers.

Save Time and Money

Our team handles every stage of the takedown process so that you don't have to waste resources on this issue when you could be running your business instead.

Obey Laws

We ensure that all requests comply with applicable laws so you won’t have any issues later on regarding legal action against you.

Put Your Mind at Ease

With our services protecting your brand, sleep well knowing that your brand is safe from online threats.


How does the takedown process work?

Our takedown process involves submitting a formal request to remove unauthorized content from online platforms.

What types of content can be removed through your service?

We specialize in removing copyrighted material, fake reviews leaked personal information, and other forms of harmful or illegal content.

How long does it typically take to have the content removed?

The timeframe for content removal varies depending on the platform and the complexity of the case, but we strive to act quickly and efficiently.

Do you offer any guarantees on successful content removal?

While we cannot guarantee 100% success due to various factors beyond our control, we have a high success rate in removing unauthorized content.

Are there any limitations on the types of websites you can target for takedowns?

We can target a wide range of websites, including social media platforms, e-commerce sites, forums, and more.

Is my personal information safe when using your takedown services?

Yes, we prioritize client confidentiality and take measures to ensure that your personal information remains secure during the takedown process.

Can I track the progress of my takedown request?

Yes, we provide regular updates on the status of your request so you are informed every step of the way.

What sets your takedown services apart from other providers?

Our team consists of experienced professionals who are dedicated to delivering results with integrity and efficiency, making us a trusted choice for content removal needs.