We all know about Technology what is technology and how technology change our life . Computer and Internet are some examples of technology . How computer , mobile phone , internet and other technical things change our life .

  • Technology save our time . lets take a simple example if we need to calculate long numbers multiplication , A normal human being take time but calculator take some mini seconds . This is the basic very basic example .
  • Better learning technique : In 2019 we are here . This time we Don’t need to offline classes , Every thing in our phone . For example i want to learn cyber security and other technical subjects ,Red securium a technical institute arrange the online classes of different different courses like CEH V10, CPTE , MILE 2 certification , cisco certification classes here students no need to come in there places . How beneficial for our young generation .
  • Easy to access information : With the help of internet if we need to learn something, we do . For example if we need to know about the content of Bhagwat Gita , Search them in Google ( A search engine ) google shows the all information.
  • If we discuss all the benefit of technology , then blog will go to infinite .


1. Mobile phone :

Nowday’s everyone has a mobile phone .They are very useful because you can bring them everywhere . They also come with cameras , mp3 player , Internet .

2. Computers :

Computer stands Commonly operated machine paticularly used for training education.research . They are a lot faster then human .They can hold huge amount of information in anything else .


3. IOT :

IOT stand for internet of things . A network of physical object that can interact with each other to share information and take action . IOT helps in smart phone , online shopping , home lighting , personal computers and healthcare sector and in smart car .

4. 3D Printing :

With the help of 3 D printing we create 3 dimensional objects .

5. conclusion :

These thing show the impact of technology and the lazy lack of respect for doing things in right way.


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