Python variables

Python is a programming language used for multiple areas like Web design , Machine learning , Data science , Software development , Web and Desktop application designing .Here we learn about python variables . We using python 3.7.4 and Pycharm . Pycharm is a IDE (Integrated Development Environment) helps to run python program and provide beautiful interface and some extra things .

What is Variable?

Variable is store to information using by programmers. Variables are names used to refer to some memory locations of computer .

Here we learn about python variables and how to define variables in python with some examples .

In python you don’t need to define a type of variable . Variables is assigned with equal sign .

Take a example

Here var1 , var2 and var3 are three variables store string ,int and float value but in python we don’t use any data type . Output of the following code is :

Lets take a another example for better understanding of variables and some fundamentals of python.

Here we using three variables var1 , var2 and var3 . var1 and var2 have string value and var3 have float value . Print statement using for adding var1 and var2.

Lets take another example

Here var1 and var2 are two variables . Interface taking as string . The output is :

Lets take a exmaple where we learn different thing :

Here var1 and var2 are two variables . we are taking this variable as int. If we want this variable taken as a string and as a float then we can do with the help of str and float function.

Lets take a interesting thing in python how to print 10 time a particular string :

n is use for next line .

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