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PYTHON the powerful language.

Python is a high-level language, general=purpose programming language, and an interpreted language. Python was created in 1991 by Guido van Rossum(author of Python). Python has an object-oriented approach and aims to help programmers to write logical small codes, for small and large-scale projects.

Python Advantages

  1. Easy to learn.
  2. User-friendly structure.
  3. Supported libraries.
  4. Open-source.
  5. Fast.
  6. Presence of third-party modules.
  7. Productive language than others.

Python is widely used in data science because it fills the quality of general-purpose programming language. With the help of Python, we can create CSV, SAS, and other files easily, which helps to read the data from spreadsheets and also we can understand the complicated file created by machine learning clusters for computations. The two most widely used language for data learning is Python and R, but with the help of Python you can conduct the most exciting results, python is an excellent option to learn data science.

For learning data science with Python you can use software like Anaconda which comes with different kinds of panels like Jupiter and Spyder, where you can write your commands to take out the results, Jupiter and Spyder are approximately the same but I prefer you should go with spyder because spyder has three screens one is where you write your code, the second is a help screen where you can get some help if you need the help and the third one is an output screen where you get the result and in Jupiter is same as spyder code written on both are same but Jupiter has one screen every time if you want the result, it shows the new screen.



With the help of Python, it is easy to learn or understand the different kinds of data files of different extensions, easy to learn the machine learning clusters for computations, easy to write the code for Artificial Intelligence. There are many libraries of python which is used in data science like pandas, NumPy these two libraries are widely used to fetch the result from existing data because it has the quality to show the output in statistical form, graphical form as well as in charts. pandas are the library by which we import the data from spreadsheets for processing the data for time analysis series.

Python is the language by which you can do anything, it is the best language to learn data science because python is faster and better than R language. for learning the data science with python you must have to know the basic fundamentals of python and it’s a library which is used in data science, with the help of some confident and focus you are able to work on the data science project easily.

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