Python Framework

We all know what is programming language ? what the use of any programming language ?Here we learn about frameworks specially python frameworks .

What is Framework ?

A framework is a collection of programs which can use to develop to own applications . Frameworks are also written in programming language . We also can say that Framework is collection of tools written for a particular programming language . Frameworks may includes classes , functions , Pre defined libraries , process input and manage hardware and connection to system software .

What is python ?

We all know about what is programming language ? A programming language is a set of commands , instruction and syntax use to create software program and applications . Python is a high level language . it’s is used for creating web application , GUI ( GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE ) , web site , Game design and other applications .

Python framework

Python frameworks are two types : There are two types of python framework. First is full stack python framework and second is Non full stack python framework . Python frameworks focus on fastest growth and development of applications .

some are important python frameworks are :

1. Django :

Django is python application framework . Authentication , template design , object relation mapper (ORM) , URL routing are all include in Django framework . Django is free and open source web application framework written in python . Django is also known as ‘The framework for perfectionists with deadlines ‘ .


2. CherryPy :

CherryPy is minimalist python web framework . CherryPy is ten year old and it is very stable and fast . CherryPy is a pythonic and object oriented web framework . It’s same as other object oriented web framework that’s why result is smaller source code developed in less time .

3. Flask :

Flask is web framework that provides libraries to build light weight web application in python . Flask is a micro framework . It’s is based on WSGI (web server gateway interface ) toolkit and jinja2 template engine .

4. Pyramid :

Pyramid is an open source python -based web application frameworks . It’s main goal is project is made with minimum complexity . URL generation , Extensible configuration and testing , support and comprehensive data documentation . one of the most important thing about in pyramid is small , fast and down to earth python web framework .

5. Dash

Dash is a open source python framework used for building analytics web application . It’s is basically used for data scientist who are very familiar with web application .

Bottle , Cubicweb , Falcon , Giotto , Sancic , Turbogears , Morepath are some other python framework .


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