PHP 7.3.10 Latest Version Released On 26 September 2019


The PHP is a server-side language which is used in the backend for any web application. The older version of PHP 7.2 has some security bugs that are fixed in the new version of PHP 7.3.10. Many users are encouraged to upgrade PHP 7.2 to PHP 7.3.10. The PHP team announced this news on 26 September 2019 officially for the users.

Security Upgradation in PHP 7.3.10 Version:

  • Bug Fixed it means that you can access the one drive folder in this new version which is not possible in the older version.
  • At the time of named pipes using on windows, Fastcgi on_accept hook is not called.
  • Heap Buffer overflow in mb_eregi, bug fixed in this new updated version PHP 7.3.10.

Comparison Between PHP 7.3.10 and PHP 5/5.6/7.2 Version of PHP:

  • PHP 7.3.10 is 31% faster than the PHP 7.2 and 3 times multiple speed of PHP 5.
  • Micro-Benchmarks are running slightly faster on PHP 7.3.10 compare to the PHP 5.6.
  • We ran a test 3 times for PHP 7.2 and 3 times for PHP 7.3.10 by the testing tool ab and compared the numbers like PHP 7.2 average 192 requests per second and PHP 7.3.10 average 224 requests per seconds.
  • PHP 7.3.10 is more reliable compared to the older version.
  • According to the study, 41% users told that PHP 5.6 takes 3 or more seconds to load but in PHP 7.3.10 users are 100% satisfied with the performance and speed.

Advantage and Disadvantage of PHP 7.3.10 Version


  • It is an open-source server-side scripting language.
  • It is too fast compared to previous versions.
  • Easily anyone can understand and start working on PHP.
  • It is a stable version.
  • It gives powerful library support.
  • Database connection modules building.
  • It can be run over many platforms like Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.


  • Some security issues also remaining in this PHP 7.3.10 Version.
  • It is not suitable for large applications so this is a big disadvantage of this.
  • It is a weak type also.
  • In PHP have poor Error handling method, developers also face this issue very much.
  • PHP is not capable to handle large numbers of applications.


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