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Machine learning is the process of an artificial intelligence(AI), with the help of machine learning we provide system a power to learn by itself with the help of it’s experience without being programmed. Machine learning is the process in which we focuses on the development of the computer program that can access the old data and use the old data for learn by itself.

Machine learning is the scientific algorithms and uses statistical models that computer systems use to perform special task without using explicit instructions, it depend on the pattern to learn Machine learning is seen as a subset of artificial intelligence(AI). Machine leaning algorithms are totally build on the mathematical methods depend on the sample data these data is called “sample data” and with the help of these method the system predict the output for future for the task. Machine learning are used in varieties of applications like mail filtering and computer vision and also make the decision for the better future for the company.

Learning is depend on you

There are many language by you can learn machine learning but the most widely use language is python, R and more. To get mastery in machine learning is not easy, you can learn machine learning with in 3-4 months but it depends on some factory

  • On your learning power.
  • Size of the data.
  • How many libraries different types with you want to learn.
  • Mathematical models.
  • How you can solve the problem.
  • How can think differently.

There is also a way by which you can learn machine learning technique without knowing the code or programming there are many tools and graphical environment by which you can learn the machine learning concepts. According to a report of website indeed the machine learning engineer is the most demanding job in 2019 with high salaries, for a good machine learning engineer company spend a lots of money because it’s new and high on demand. The career get boost on the growth rate of 377 percent, machine learning is high on the peak.

There are 5 language for machine learning

  • Python
  • R language
  • Lisp
  • Prolog
  • Java

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