Highlights That Should Need to Learn By Developer in JavaScript

JavaScript seems to be difficult to code in it but it is myth. It is only a noise which spread about it. Some suggestions or advises are essential to do learn:-

  1. Need to Learn About Core Language:- First of all, we need to clear the basic concepts of languages. JS is the programming language in web development.
  2. Basic Understanding of Networking and HTTP-APIs:- Everybody should know about the Server and Client. Proper knowledge should be updated about HTTP protocols. Users have ideas to put URL on Browser. Even you should have a knowledge to HTTP request which decides to imply GET/POST/DELETE/PUT. Atleast know one way to put HTTP request in JavaScript.
  3. Comfortable with Node.js Tooling:- If we have not enough knowledge to use JavaScript then use the tools to develop code means how to install Node and npm helps in installing and updation. Because of it, it provides libraries to create node environment which becomes essential.
  4. How to use framework to structure Program:- Every developer should need to maintain the code of the program with minimum code.


Table of Contents

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