Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking

Cyber Security:

Cybersecurity is not a small thing, it is a sea of knowledge and many new things involved. Attacks are the main thing in this topic because cybersecurity comes when the attacks types news comes over the world fastly. In the current scenario of the IT companies have their own cybersecurity team to maintain and secure all types of data and information from the attackers.

This team also work over auditing and testing like things to check the level of security of the company’s data and personal information. Under this team have also a work to make the best standard policies of using the software and hardware on behalf of the defined rules. Cybersecurity protects the data and the integrity of the computer assets which are connected to the organization’s networks. The purpose of the cybersecurity that it is protects your whole data from any type of attacks.

Ethical Hacking:

First, we talk about the hacking, hacking is a process of attacking and got anyone’s data without their permission. Ethical hacking is a process of hacking and collects more data of any user and the whole organization with the permission of the owner for checking the vulnerability of any tool and software and also check security for the whole organization, this is called ethical hacking.

How many types of hackers:

There are mainly 3 types of hackers:-

White Hat Hackers: This type of hackers are known as legal hacker which doing hacking types of thing after taking permission from the owner and used standard policies of any organization. White hat hackers are mainly working for the government to secure the important data by the black hat hackers. Very simple job for the white hat hackers is penetration testing engineer job.

Black Hat Hackers: This type of hackers are counted as black hat hackers. Black Hat Hackers do the work for the money or their enjoyment because they are attacking and hacking other people data and information without their permission. These hackers break into systems, steal information and manipulate data and reduce the security of the data and information of any organization.

Grey Hat Hackers: Here we can say that it is a combination of Black Hat and White Hat hackers. They don’t have wrong intentions like malicious work. We can say that if I do a vulnerability check for my friend with permission to hack his system or maybe hack anyone’s system without their permission is also known as the Grey Hat Hackers.


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