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New Feature Of Android is Q Beta (10 .0).Its a smart version of android which bring a new experience to users. Android 10 gives a best experience to user with dark theme and gesture navigation. Support new protections for user privacy and security. Extend your apps with high-performance codecs, better biometrics, faster app starts, Vulkan 1.1, NNAPI 1.2, foldables, 5G, and more!

The beta program was expanded with the release of Beta 3 on May 7, 2019, being made available on 14 partner devices from 11 OE Ms; twice as many devices compared to Android Pie’s beta.Beta access was removed  on May 21, 2019 due to U.S. government sanctions, but was later restored on May 31.

Google released Beta 5 on July 10, 2019 with the final API 29 SDK as well as the latest optimizations and bug fixe

What’s In Android 10

  • Privacy Features:- New safeguard to protect user privacy that you’ll need to support in your app.
  • Behaviour Changes: System changes that may affect your app when its running on Android 10.
  • New Features & API’s:- Api for foldables,dark theme,Gesture Navigator,Connectivity, ,NNAPI,Biometric etc.

Access when device is upgraded to Android 10

Updation Of Q Beta

If a user grants your app access to device location – either ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION or ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION – then upgrades their device from Android 9 to Android 10, the system automatically updates the set of location-based permissions granted to your app. The set of permissions that your app receives after the upgrade depends on its target SDK version.

Get your apps ready!

  1. Get Android 10 — Install Android 10 on a Pixel device or set up an emulator.
  2. Set up your environment — See the Setup Guide for details.
  3. Review the changes — Get familiar with the  Privacy change and  behavior changes.
  4. See what’s new — Learn about the  New feature and API can use in your app.
  5. Test your app — Run through the flows and look for issues
  6. Update your app — Targeting API 29 if possible, test with users via beta channels or other groups.


Platform Optimization is made for fordable Smartphones.including app continuity for changes Modes.For changing multi- changes to multi-window mode to allow all apps to run simultaneously (rather than only the actively-used app running, and all others being considered “paused”), and additional support for multiple displays. Direct Share” has been succeeded by “sharing shortcuts”. As before, it allows apps to return lists of direct targets for sharing (such as a combination of an app and a specific contact) for use within share menus. Unlike Direct Share, apps publish their targets in advance and do not have to be polled at run-time, improving performance. Native supports has been added for MIDI controller.This platform optimization is ,made for fordable Smartphones. There is also a new standard API for retrieving depth information from camera photos, which can be used for more advanced effects.

Android 10 supports encryption protocol and Enhanced Open, which introduce opportunistic encryption for Wi-Fi. Android 10 adds support for Dual-Sim-Dual Standby(DSDS).

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