WordPress Security: A short Brief

  • How to secure your WordPress site?

Nowadays around 35% of Internet website is created on the Platform WordPress. It is a CMS (Content Management system) platform, where we get features to control all the backend and frontend of the Website structure. And here we don’t have to manage the Backend database. It will be managed by WordPress.

So, as the WordPress platform give a big area for developers and non-developers to create their website in very minimal time. And the website looks very stunning. So, here a question arises as to the very large platform it covers over the internet, then the change of Hack or comprises any privacy of users from the website is also increasing. For this, we have to aware the developers and non-developers to understand that we are creating the website on CMS platform, so what are the changes of threats possible? And how we can mitigate them for security services over the Internet?

Now, I did some research on the WordPress site, where I got lots of resources where we just get the demo or examples of How to create a website in just a few hours? Kind of stuff. 

So, on very few blogs I got where I learn how to secure your WordPress websites, as per them what I analysis I have discussed in below points;

  • Always update your WordPress versions
  • Always update or upgrade your Plugins using on the website
  • Always use premium themes and plugins – because they have bugs update comes.
  • Always change your “wp-content” directory name to another directory name.
  • Always use two-factor authentications to secure your WordPress Admin Page Login.
  • Make some “.htaccess” roles to don’t reveal the following files over the website pages;
    • robots.txt
    • sitemaps.xml
    • wp-admin
    • wp-admin-login
    • wp-config
    • wp-content
  • Always closed your Website Indexing, yes Indexing will help to increase your website ranking, but only shows that content that will not disclose any confidential information of your website.
  • Make sure you have backups plans configure.
  • Always used Standard Encrypted SSL certificates.
  • Make sure, that don’t take free web hosting for WordPress websites
    • A suggestion like you can take hosting;
      • Godaddy Inc.
      • Site ground
      • Host Gator
      • Reseller Club India
      • WordPress hosting
  • After that, deny “user-agent” access to “disallow”
  • Also, create a username and password from some unknown resource, as there are changes of Brute Force or Admin Bypass vulnerability can exploit your website.
  • Also, don’t leave any Domain Name System (DNS) information on the server side, make sure disallow all the website domain name information as secret. Don’t expose it to the public, also you can check it on “DNS LEAK TEST”.
  • After that use “WAF – Website Application Firewall”, to secure from DDoS, Malware removal, and SQL injection security kind of attacks we will be safe.
  • Some WAF security tools we have;
    • Sucuri Firewall
    • All in one security
    • Anti-spam
    • Wordfence
    • Cloudflare
    • Stack path
  • After that, disable the File Editor option in WP-ADMIN Panel, because from there if someone gets the access of the site, he/she can change my main websites source code or maybe embed some malicious software code.
  • Use the latest version of PHP language too. Because through the changes of website compromise is increased if we using older versions. We can check the report given below

Here in the above figure you can the changes of exploited on PHP different version of languages we have it.

  • Also, I suggest that we can lock down the /wp-admin pages, as this is the default page for fresh WordPress Installed and hosted a website. So as per my research, we have one plugin called, “WPS Hide Login”, it will hide your default login wp-admin page.
  • Also disable the XML-RPC services, because in last some years the attack on XML base is increased. So, the website remote connection will not get by the Attackers.
  • After that, we have to Hide our WordPress discuss below here,

For disabling the version disclosure, we have to open the theme source code and found the function called “funtions.php” to modify the following code in it

function wp_version_remove_version() {
return ”;
add_filter(‘the_generator’, ‘wp_version_remove_version’);

 Or we can use a premium plugin for it known as “Perfmatters”

So, these are the different ways through which we can secure our WordPress websites and continue our businesses on the Internet.

  • How to provide users with secure access to your WordPress site?

While providing a website to users, the possibility to increases the traffic on websites depends only on users. So the trust with the users over your websites comes when the following things will be correct on your website in secure ways;

  • Provide a very strong Web Hosting platform to your WordPress websites
  • Provide your website to run over HTTPS not on HTTP with very good SSL certificates, to release the users that they visiting a website on a secure platform.
  • Always disable the Admin Login Page or Hide the URL path from the WordPress websites.
  • Always use Cookies and Sessions managements.
  • Or disable the user for a longer time it is in the IDLE period.
  • Used some verified Public Certificates and PCI standards for your Payment Gateways websites.
  • Use Limit Login process
  • Always use Good Password suggestions when they register on your websites.

So, these are the different ways to provide the WordPress website to users at a secure level. Apart from that, the very important role if define for WordPress is all about your DNS and Web Hosting services. Because the web hosting service provider is not giving the best hosting, then the website will not perform well for the users, and as users will not satisfy on your website then they will not visit the site after it happened.

So, the web hosting should be as I recommend will be the Dedicating Hosting not as a Shared Hosting. Ok, this will increase the Loading speed as well as it provides secure platforms the users.

Now, to provide better resources on the website you should provide the resources on money or subscription based, so the users believe that your website services are good for them, so don’t forget to visit your website almost on daily basis.

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