What is Zero Day attack Recent Attacks Against Microsoft,Internet Explorer

Greeting everyone! Hope Everything going good Today we are Going to discuss On Security Issue Zero Day Exploitation 0 Day Attack . How Zero Day Vulnerability Cause Threads .

In Simple Word Zero day attack exploitation of a vulnerability before there’s a fix for it. Zero day attack is very serious software security issue which unware by Vendors Parties so Zero that issue exist. This based On unknown Vulnerability in a Software or hardware or IOT device before a developer has an opportunity to create a patch for Vulnerability. Businesses are responsible for keeping their organizations protected against these attacks, both to adhere to regulatory compliance and to keep their employees, customers, and proprietary data safe.

How To Verifiy Zero Day Vulnerablity:

Statistics-based detection: Assign ML to collect data from previously known exploits and create a baseline for safe system behavior.

Signature-based detection: Define existing databases of malware and their behavior as a reference when scanning against Product.

Behavior-based detection: Supply malware with interacting with Targeted System .

How To Protect Yourself From Zero Day Attack?
  • Keep Your software up to date by downloading the latest software releases and updates.
  • safe and effective personal Online Secure Internet Serve
  • Configure security settings for your operating system, internet browser, and security software.
  • Install a proactive and comprehensive security software As antivirus Which Block All Unknown Request , Software
Recent Zero Day Attacks Against Microsoft, Internet Explorer, Sophos, :

Microsoft: In March 2020, Microsoft warned users of zero-day attacks exploiting two separate vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities affected all supported Windows versions and no patch was expected until weeks later. There is not currently a CVE identifier for this vulnerability. 

Internet Explorer : Recently Verified On Inernet Exploere Which Consisi As Inernet Browser , Zero day vulnerability (CVE-2020-0674) occurs due to a flaw in the way the IE scripting engine manages objects in memory. It affected IE v9-11.

Sophos : In April 2020, zero-day attacks were reported against the Sophos’ XG firewall. These attacks which exploit against SQL injection vulnerability (CVE-2020-12271) targeting the firewall’s built-in PostgreSQL database server Which cause Damage risk for User And Organisattion.

Conclusion: We Discussed What Is Zero Day Exploit How an attacker could take Advantage Of it We discussed Recent Zero Day Attack against Some Products of Microsoft, Internet explorer & How We prevent against This Type of issue .

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Author : Pallab Jyoti Borah | VAPT Analyst


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