What is cURL & Usages ?

Greeting everyone! Hope everything is going good Today in this blog post we are going to discuss how to use cURL command cURL is Basically Linux CLI Command which is transferring data using various network protocols which Helps Tester, Administrator to utilize and check all Response from live server Network infrastructure. cURL Transfer data using different Protocol Such as HTTP, FTP, SMPT, IMAO, POP3, LDAP.

Why we used cURL?

we use cURL which made Our analyze phase More easy its can help to get a proper result without any interaction with user this support all methods POST, GET, HEAD, PUT, DELETE . It help to perform task such as downloading web pages or Video . It allow task To perform From Linux shell.

Usage Of cURL?

cURL is default with linux shell now we have simple cURL syntax curl which help an to transfer data using different protocol . Open Your terminal Run command : -> curl -h and “Enter” Now you can check what is Common usage of cURL.

As above Picture we see as successfully we get Conetent of our respective url.

-> To check which curl version Your running.

The -V or --version options will not only return the version, but also the supported protocols and features in your current version.

-> Now GET Request With cURL To check url and display content On Terminal :

Command: curl

Now utilize cURL command To Check GET http header response:

command we will use: curl -I

As above picture as Result we see header response of our targeted Domain.

Now, Downloading File Using cURL command :

Here we will use command: curl -O ()

As above command we see this is The way how we can download File using curl command as We see different techniques To utilize curl command using CLI.

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Author : Pallab Jyoti Borah | VAPT Analyst

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