Ransomware Attack hit haldirams hackers demanded USD 7, 50,000

Greeting Everyone! Hope Everything is Going good ! Growing Of Cyber Attack Recently Ransomware hit haldirams major food Company Of India. Hacker target Ransomware to Their Server that encrypted all their files, data, applications and systems and Hackers demanded a ransom of USD 7, 50,000 for getting access to their data back this is biggest cyber attack Which happens Recently.

As According While complaint was given by company In July 17 2020 & an FIR has been registered in the case on October 14 2020. That on receipt of the information, senior manager (IT) Ashok Kumar Mohanty informed Aziz Khan, DGM (IT) to analyse Rsolved the issue . As according to Aziz Khan all servers Of haldirams hit by cyber-attack Ransomware Attack.

officials of the company they verify that some program was executed on their servers and all the data of the company was being manipulated out from the servers of the company. Therefore, the said program was immediately terminated by the officials along with the connectivity to all systems at branch locations of the company.

As after Haldiram’s given a complaint to the cyber cell in July but an FIR was registered only after multiple rounds that two months later. When contacted, additional DCP (central Noida) Ankur Aggarwal who also holds the charge of the cyber cell told TOI that the company had hired a private analyst to analyse the issue and the police received the data from official channels in first week of October after which FIR was registered.

This cyber crime attack really carries huge impact & Problem for some other companies . Haldiram Foods International Pvt Ltd is big indian food company which cause by cyber attack in

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