Up to 500 million Facebook users phone numbers, email-id and other personal information leaked

Data breach common cyber Attack which grow day by day ! according to the news site Insider over 533 million Facebook users personal data leaked over the internet. Which is include users phone number, email-id, Facebook IDs, Full names, locations, and date of birth from 6 million users in india, 32 million records on US, 11 million records in UK.

When we reviewed a leaked data and verified many records by matching known Facebook users with the IDs listed in the data. We also verified email addresses using of Facebook password reset feature to send the password reset request.

First database was hacked in 2019 and the data sold on Telegram. After that Facebook give the statement they patched vulnerability that has caused leaking data. After this patched in June 2020 and January 2021 again data leaked from the same server.

Over the month Indian Facebook user data and mobikwik data leaked on the darkweb which is really annoying for the Indian users.

India does not have a robust mechanism for user data protection and penal actions, if any, in cases of data breaches. The Personal Data Protection Bill, which is said to contain provisions dealing with the same has been pending in Lok Sabha since 2019.

A Joint Parliamentary Committee, which was initially supposed to submit its report on the Bill by March, has sought extension till the first week of Parliament’s Monsoon session. In the absence of the Bill, the Information Technology Act of 2000 and the rules made in 2011 form a regime of data protection, which several experts have said are inadequate.

By: Securium Solutions

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