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In today’s Blog we will see what are all the cyber crimes happening in India. How attackers use India’s wide range of digitalization and Huge amount people who are all connected with Internet.
Nearly Half of the whole Country(56 Crores) is Using Internet which is second most in the whole world next to China.
Increase in Internet users increase in cyber crimes too. Let’s see what are all majorly comes under cyber crime in India.

  1. Phishing Scams
  2. Identity Theft Scams
  3. Online Harassment
  4. Cyber Stalking
  5. Invasion of Privacy

Phishing Scams
Setting up a Fake Web page which looks the same as legitimate web page to trick the victim to reveal the sensitive information like username, password, banking credentials, Mobile numbers, Address and Email IDs.

Identity Theft Scams:
Identity theft scams are getting serious these days. Tele-callers, Impersonators, Threat actors try to steal your information in online and they will use your Identity to do further bad activities. For Example: If they know your mobile Number, Aadhar Number, Email Id. They can change your Internet Banking username password easily by using your identity.

Online Harassment:
Social Media Users are the real victims for these kind of attacks. Threats sent by mails, instant messengers, social media posts. Cyber Bullying kids.
13 year old kid from Missouri. Named megan. Commited suicide from being bullied online. Reporting should happen soon before it reaches victim breaking point.

Cyber Stalking:
Continuously watching or monitoring with the help of trojan and Virus for the victims online activity. It is also like Harassment cases. Victims should be aware and report it to the authorities. Blackmailing with Personal Information can happen with cyber stalking.

Violation of Privacy:
Intruders in your personal life is simply called as violation of privacy. Monitoring, Hacking, Stealing of someone’s personal information is an offense and punishable under the law. Everyone who is suspect about someone violating your privacy should seek Police’s help soon.

Online Fraud:
Online Frauds are high in numbers now a days. The Fraudsters always target people who are in ultimate need and who can spend something to get back in return but lose is all they get finally. Multi Level Marketing(MLM), Cryptocurrency scams, Online Trading Scams are the recent tricks added to the list of Nigerian Lottery Scams and Tricking of users for OTPs from Bank.

Distribution of Obscene materials such as Pornography, Red Murders, Brutality, Brutal Communal Clashes, Autopsy Videos are punishable Offenses. Child Pornography is strictly prohibited in India which has the tendency to deprave the mind of the minor children.

Cyber Vandalism:
Destruction of data on any electronic medium during the period when the network service is not available.

We Have Many Cyber crimes added to it such as Cyber Terrorism, Cyber Crime Against Government, Gambling(Online Rummy), Cyber Trafficking etc.

We need to understand all these to keep ourselves safe and to stay secure by knowing the dark face of Internet.

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Author: Sam Nivethan V J
Security Analyst & Trainer

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