Top 5 Tool You have to Know Before Start Hacking

Greeting Everyone! Hope everything is going good In today’s blog We are going to discuss On top 5 tool Which You must need to know Before Starting Hacking , Automation Which Make Your Work More Easy With the onset of various tools in the ethical hacking industry, it has been transformed as which usage different Tool In their Investigation .
Here We are going to look on best Tool which we need before Starting Hacking which Help you In Different way As perform Information gathering, Exploitation As different scenario creating backdoors and payloads, cracking passwords and an array of other activities .


Here List of Top 5 tool ?

As We Define Top 5 tools which help you in different way to analyse Network, Exploiting using backdoor or reverse , Web Application attack etc.

Nmap Tool : Nmap which Is most valuable Important tool for scanning based On network infrastructure in simple word Nmap which short for Network Mapper, is a reconnaissance tool that is widely used by ethical hackers to determine OS, Services , of different possible information about our target . Nmap Is cross platform which suitable for windows, mac, Linux .

Advantage O Nmap:

  • It Help to auditing the network infrastructure system or services detect easily.
  • User flexible easy to use Which based Open source

How to Use nmap:

Here We are going use Simple command Which Scan for all Possible services along with OS Details before We start Make Sure You have installed nmap which Default with Kali linux or Some other Linux distribution.

Here To Find OS details of target using Nmap tool We will use Commsnd:

→ nmap -A target As result You will see:-

As Above we define -A flag which can discover the operating system information of the hosts that are mapped. The -A flag can be used in combination with other Nmap commands.

As To find Information about Services and version of our target we will use:

nmap -sV target

As above Pic we used -sV -s Which define scan and V for version details This is useful for troubleshooting, scanning for vulnerabilities, or locating services that need to be updated.

Metasploit tool: Metasploit is highly recommend tool for Ethical hacker which help to break into his own network to identify security risks inside it and it document which vulnerabilities need to be addressed first. Metasploit is Open source tool which default with different Linux distribution such as kali linux, parrot OS etc. there is different functionality which help a atacker to gain access within any system or network infrastructure .

Advantage of metasploit framaework:

  • User complex which help to modify create Your our payload based on your target.
  • Which is open source and freely available
  • Supporing Testing on large Network Infrastructure.

Usage Of Metasploit: If your using Kali linux or other Linux distribution as metasploit is default to run we need to use Simple command on Our terminal Command:


As above pic we see terminal Of metasploit Now here different Modules Already set here to find module based on your attack supposed here we are going to view all the module based On port Scanning here we will use Command:

→ msf5 > search portscan

As above pic see its show all attack surface module based On Port scanning Now, Here How we will use Modules Open Your msfconsole terminal and Select Youe module and Follow Above command:

→ use auxiliary/scanner/portscan/syn
→ set INTERFACE eth0
→ set PORTS 80
→ set RHOSTS
→ set THREADS 50
→ run

Nikto tool: Nikto is another Important tool Nikto which basicaaly based on Server Scanning Default In Linux Distribution. Basically Nikto Help Ethical hacker to scan web servers and perform different types of tests against the specified remote host.

Advantage Of Nikto:

  • It Detects default installation files on any operating system server.
  • Detects outdated software applications which vulnerable For exploit.
  • Run cross-site scripting vulnerability tests
  • Detect Server Version Possible Threads .

Usage Of Nikto Tool: As nkto is default with kali linux here to run nikto using terminal we will use command :

→ nikto -h

As above command using nikto we see how can we interact with nikto , Now to perform simple scan against Your server we will use:

→ nikto -h target

As above picture we used -h As define host and we define our target as we see it show Version and vulnerability based On Our target.

Wireshark tool: Wireshark is a most common usage free open-source software that allows you to analyze network traffic in real time which help to sniffing Network Connectivity As Packets. sniffing the network, which we intercept and which help to read results in human-readable format.

Advantage Of wireshark

  • Is a powerfull packer analyzer tool which mostly used by Tester .
  • Is Powerful GUI tool easy to use flexible

Usage Of wireshark: To run wireshark which is default with kali liunx here we will use simple command From terminal for GUI :

→ wireshark

As above picture we see GUI Open On Our window Now click your Network provider As Here We are going to click on wlan0 which will capture all the packets in byte.

As above pic we see it capture all the packets inside Our network which is most advantage and growing tool for sniffing Network spectrum.

Burpsuite tool: Burpsuite is modern Web application scanning tool which support Manually and Dynamic testing As Burp is design for Scanning based on Web Common Issue OWASP top 10 Which made Testing phase More easy and complex.

Advantage Of Burpsuite:

  • Easy to use Which help your process is automation
  • Which supports different module To find Vulnerability on Targeted Site.

Usage Of Burp: If Your kali linux Burp is default as burp is gui To run burp using Your terminal We will use command:

→ burp

As this is community edition As For Pro we need to Use Subscription Which more Flexile for use .

As You see This is Common Interface Of Burp Here We need to Setup proxy to flexible Work with Burp as live response with server .

For burp You must need to Go deeply To review It Here For documentation

Conclusion:As Today we discussed 5 common important tool You have to know Before Starting Hacking As we Discuss Common Tool As nmap, metasploit, nikto, wireshark, burp as we discuss why we use and usage of This tool ! Thank You

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Author : Pallab Jyoti Borah (VAPT Analyst )


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