SYMFONY:- A PHP Framework

Nowadays, PHP is a large scale programming language to build websites or in web development area. It depends on time complexity of the frameworks, Complexity of application, or some other factors.

Framework is used to fast the code and simplify the life of coders. It is also maintains the security of the code and reduces the chance of errors. Here, we discuss about one of the framework that can also used in recent times.

Symfony, a PHP framework that can be used after Laravel and CodeIgnitor. It ranked 3rd in popularity. It was developed in 2005 and mostly used in making enterprises web applications.

Some Motives to Use Symfony:-

  1. Flexibility:- Symfony is a widely used PHP- Framework nowadays. It has two benefits in terms of technological way, i.e. Bundles and Components. Bundles are used in reducing the cost of development by reconfigure and reuse the bundles because they are decoupled. It is almost as a plugin. Components are used to add customs modules by their own. There are 30 components that helped in reducing the trouble in architecture and also facilitate the development process.
  2. Used as a Commercial Technology:- It is SensioLabs, Creator of company, Sponsor that maintains the reputation of the company. They also used as an official tutorials and certifications.
  3. Reliability:- After many failures, Symfony considered good in reliability. phpBB, Drupal, Magento, and eZ Publish are some platforms which used its components. Companies that use symfony with their websites:- National Geographic, Vouge, etc.
  4. StraightForward Testing:- The testing can be done on every new line to stable the websites.Better symfony is used due to reuse of bundles, and an absence of strict dependencies that helped in maintainability.
  5. Everlasting Support:- Symfony is a stable and well-tested framework and its updates is stay at recent versions and compatible too.
  6. Good Documentation:- It is well-structured and and clarity in writing and and its main thing to better documentation is updated version to version. It is easily found the explanation of each component.

Sometimes Say ‘NO’ to Symfony :- Why?

  1. Performance:- It is very important to build websites so symfony is used to enhance from PHP 5.6 to PHP 7 which helps in making the app faster.
  2. Steep Leaning Curve:- Symfony has many things to learn and difficult to make highly valuable. But it is stable frameworks to solve difficult situations.
  3. Longer to Launch:- Symfony is used to apply code once to provides testing and support but it reduces the speed of development which results in delaying the launch.


Framework is used to speed up the development process. Symfony is best framework which is used in PHP. But sometimes it affects on performance and launching.

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