SQL Server 2019 now runs on Windows, Linux, and containers and has support for deployment on Kubernetes

SQL Server is a providing relation between database management  developed by microsoft As a data server , it is a software communed with the primary function of storing and retrieving data as requested by other software application link a window server and linux server —which may run either on the same computer or on another computer across a network (including the Internet).

SQL is providing two type of server window server and Linux server and container and has support of development

  • Windows Server is a brand name for a group of server operating systems released by Microsoft. It includes all Windows operating systems that are branded “Windows Server”, but not any other Microsoft product.
  • A linux is a high-powered variant of the linux  open source operating system that’s designed to handle the more demanding needs of business applications such as network and system administration, database management and Web services.
SQL Server 2019 has delivered:

You can deploy on multiple Linux distributions including RedHat, SUSE, and Ubuntu with full database engine support including transaction replication and machine learning services
SQL Server extensibility framework now supports the execution of custom Java code along the same lines it executed R and Python. Free supported Java in SQL Server 2019 is now available.
Support UTF-8 character for applications extending to a global scale,

  • Intelligence SQL Server Big Data Clusters
  • Data Virtualization
  • Choice of platform and language
  • Industry Leading Performance
  • Unparalleled Security

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