Python : Why python ?

Python is a popular programming language across the world. Programming language is very important to make something like software , any website, API, game, graphics, calculation etc. Here some important application and features because anyone to learn python.

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Easy to learn and simple – Python :

python is a very simple programming language . it is very beneficial and similar to English language. It is easy to understand , high level programming language ,open source and it’s free to all .

  • It’s is best for beginners. it should be your first programming language because you will quickly learn how to think like a programmer.
  • Not using complex syntax .
  • Easy to understand

Web Development :

Python is using for web development with different different framework like Django , flask , pylons , pyramid , web2py , Bottle ,cherrypy. It is a popular choice of beginners and as well as some most popular organization like NASA , ISRO , GOOGLE ,IBM , Cisco , Microsoft and others.

Data science :

Python is using by many Data scientist. it is also handles statistical , matrix and tabular data .Around 35% of data Scientist using python.

Big Data :

Python provides a huge number of libraries to work on Big Data. Using it for big data much faster then other programming language . The best thing about python is that there is no limitation of data.

Networking :

Python programming language is used to read , write and configure routers and withes and other networking operation task. It programming language have many library for networking purpose. These are some python language libraries used for a network engineers .

  • Ansible
  • Netmiko
  • junos pyEZ
  • Paramiko ssh

Salary :

We are listed to some are python job profile along their salary ( According to survey )

  • Python Developer : 336k per year
  • software Engineer : 543830 per year
  • Senior software engineer : 9 L per year
  • Data scientist : 8 L per year
  • Devops engineer : 6.5 per year
  • Many others

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