How to do Video Calling in Dubai

What Video Calling Apps are needed in Dubai?

The United Arab Emirates is known to be one of the fine countries in the world. UAE is located at the East end of the Arabian Peninsula. Dubai is the most attractive city that this country attains. Dubai is one of the famous cities in the world whether it be the sky touching buildings, innovative technologies, the way of living of people, etc. However, people from other countries come here in hope of a good life and earning. They live far from their families and mobile phones are the only options that can make them feel nearer to their families. Video Calls are the most used functions that any immigrant or local would follow to have a direct conversation with the people. Well if you wonder about doing such and thinking about going to Dubai for a trip or work, you really need to read this blog.

Using Virtual Private Network

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the easiest method any person would ever consider. At least one would try to do so to access the network easily and do connect easily. You have to download VPN, enter the security password for accessing it. Then by downloading any software you can easily connect with your loved ones.

But due to strict regulations and advisories, if you are thinking about doing it. Do not do this. It is an illegal manner and you can even get punished for doing this. Therefore, it would be better if you use safe and secure connections instead of rigorous methods.  

Know about the Video Calling Apps in Dubai 

Our lives are very busy including whether we are studying or we are working. Mobile Phones are the closest things we keep ourselves engaged to enjoy. Knowing how far we are from our loved ones, interacting with them makes us feel overjoyed. We generally use FaceTime, Whatsapp to see our people. But that is not the case in Dubai, UAE’s Telecommunication Regulatory Authority has licensed only two networks Etisalat and Du. To reduce the crime rate and illegal activities in the region they have taken this step. This is the reason they have put security reasons for the usage of normal video applications. But this does not mean you cannot interact with anyone staying in Dubai. Many options are available, you just need to have the right source. Here are some alternatives that you can choose for interacting with your loved ones. But these applications are really advanced and you cannot use these without maintaining the basic criteria required. Check out some of the Video Calling Apps that really work in Dubai:

BOTIM: Botim is the most common application that is used there. You can have access to this application from PlayStore. You can download the application for free but you need a valid data pack for carrying out the further process. This application has the feature to block invalid calls and videos also.

C’Me: It is the most used application for calling or video chats. Like BOTIM, it can be downloaded easily from PlayStore or Apple Store. It has great audio and video quality. Most of the immigrants prefer using this application for normal interaction with people.

VOICO: This application is also popular among people. This application offers video calls in other countries as well. You can easily send text messages and do video calls easily.

Due to several issues, the telecommunication regularities are strict there, but the authority is doing some improvements so people can better access technology and enjoy being there.

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