How to Configure PayPal Accounts in UAE

How to Configure PayPal Accounts in UAE

Dubai is a fine and attractive city that has a lot of options where you can get innovative ideas, introduction to emerging technology. Being so developed, you have to face several challenges due to its strict policies. Doing transactions of money in bank accounts is one of them. Most of the people who visit there from other countries generally face issues in transacting money from their bank accounts. PayPal is the best option that is considered for doing transactions from there to any other country. Depending on the Country and its supported Currencies, PayPal takes API Integration Services depending on the type of payment requested by the user. PayPal is considered to be a safe method for doing such transactions especially if you are in Dubai. Apart from its usage, it benefits you, as you do not need to use a credit card if you do not have it. For overseas banks, it allows easy transactions in the bank accounts, you can do multiple transactions in your bank accounts. If you face any problem, then you can send your queries directly to the bank without any concern. 

 If you are facing the same queries, do follow the given steps to resolve the issues:

Open a Bank Account: First step to go through the PayPal Integration Services is to create a bank account on the official website of PayPal. By clicking on the ‘Sign-up’ tab, you will create your account, after that, you need to fill a form.

Add your Credentials: After filling out the form, you need to attach your valid proofs that may include your National ID Card, Bank Details and other things. Verify your email address, signify what account needs to be added for doing transactions.

Define your purpose: After adding the bank details with the PayPal account, you need to define your purpose for sending or receiving the money. After defining it, you need to add money to the bank account. 

How to Withdraw money from Bank Account:

  • After adding money to the bank account, if you need to withdraw the money from the account, you can withdraw it from your PayPal account by clicking on ‘Transfer to your bank account’. 

  • After this, you need to choose your bank account, after doing so enter the amount to be withdrawn. 

  • The last step is to review the details entered, after confirmation you can proceed with the ‘Transfer Now’ option.  

This process generally takes 3-5 days, so do not panic. You may not be able to use your credit/ debit cards for this purpose. If you have already requested for withdrawal then it cannot be canceled. 



  1. Can PayPal be used in Dubai?
  2. You can use PayPal for doing transactions. For such, you have to follow some steps, and after implementing those you can use its services.
  3. Is a Credit card necessary in PayPal for doing transactions in Dubai?
  4. If you have not Credit Card, you can use a Debit Card for your usage.
  5. Is opening PayPal account free?
  6. Yes, PayPal does not include any charges in opening a PayPal account. If you are a sender then some charges are taken on the transaction.
  7. Is there a need for opening an account in PayPal?
  8. No, you just need to add your bank details, by creating PayPal’s personal account you can easily access your account.

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