Cross Layer Attack a New hacking Technique cause DNS cache poisoning

Greeting Everyone ! Hope All Going Good Today in this Blog We are going to discuss New Attack Phase Cause Vulnerable to Weakness in the linux kernel as well same weakness cause exploitable for millions of Android device users to increased risk of tracking.

Cross Layer Attack:

This Security Risk (PDF) allows  Open door for   Attacker  to mount so-called “cross-layer” attacks against the Linux kernel, exploiting this  security Issue  in its pseudo random number generator (PRNG). PRNG is an algorithm which  produce a sequence of numbers whose properties inexact the properties of sequences of random numbers.

PRNG which Cause open the door to DNS cache poisoning attacks targeted to Linux systems, both on local networks and remote Network environment , As well it  require the DNS server to be outside the target’s network which carries Successful Attack.

Server risk Due To Issue:

Klein,  says the most latest  version of the DNS attack is against Ubuntu servers, as those servers’ DNS stub resolver is especially vulnerable. According to klein This risk Against Server It can be used to downgrade email security, hijack emails, hijack HTTP traffic, circumvent email anti-spam and blacklisting mechanisms, mount a local DoS attack .

The PRNG Security Vulnerability On Linux allow hackers to exploit web-based tracking on Linux and Android devices.

It can be used to track people crosswise  networks either Using VPN or Browser Privacy Mode Is on In Particular Device system ” According Klein.


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Author : Pallab Jyoti Borah | VAPT Analyst

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