How ChatGPT will change cybersecurity?

How ChatGPT will change cyber security?

Jan 28, 2023 / By Securium Solutions

I tell you about ChatGpt as many people may not be aware of it. ChatGpt is an AI to whom we can ask problems like we are chatting with a human.

Now you may have gotten a little bit confused that google does the same task.

Yeah but a big and best difference google gives us in de centralized way but chatgpt gives in a centralised way. Like if we search for any problem on google we get many results and the problem is we do not get satisfied with the answer. But as chatgpt is AI so it has been centralised in a smart way and we get satisfied with the answer with 90% of the answers. This blog is dedicated to using ChatGpt in CyberSecurity. I will categize some points which will ease you to understand.

So, Let’s start with our first point. First, very important point which I should mention is about learning.

How chatgpt will help you to learn and enhance your skills in cybersecurity?

Yes, We can use ChatGpt for learning about cybersecurity.  As it has centralized all resources from google and gives us in a smart way. So we can ask chatbot any question like a human and it will give a satisfactory answer. Many people use to learn new things. Even if you don’t need any course to learn, you can learn using ChatGpt and I am damn sure you will not get bored. That is the way you can use to learn using ChatGpt. So, go and start learning new skills.

Second thing which you can use chatgpt is to make automation scripts.

Yes, it is too cool. You can just automate your task just by using scripts. But the problem is we get bored with writing scripts or don’t know to program. Don’t worry ChatGpt is here, we can use chatbot to automate our take for recon, exploitation, etc. Like if you want a recon script for bug bounty asks ChatGpt for that. You can use it in bug hunting by making recon, and exploitation scripts.

The third advantage we can take from ChatGpt is for developing and editing exploits.

You may have suffered that you got any vulnerable component and searched for an exploit and when you are running that exploit, you are getting an error. That is because it may be using an old version of the corresponding programming language or maybe an old module or something like that.

So, we get in trouble that we are not able to exploit that vulnerable component.

So, now we can use chatbot for that. Simply ask chatgpt for the exploit. It will give you. You can also ask for usage. And you can use chatbot to modify exploit If you have made any exploit and it is not running. So, you can give that code to chatgpt and it will modify your script.

You can use all the above ways to take advantage of chatbots. But sometime you will not get the answer because ChatGpt has many restrictions. So, try to ask your question in a tricky manner which doesn’t show any illegal or harmful content.

So, now the article is going long. It’s time to conclude the article.

Sourabh Kumar
Securium Solution Cyber Security Intern

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