Hackers in Magento Marketplace

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Are you using an Registered account with Magento Marketplace, then you need to Read this News.

Magento, An E-commerce Platform Owning by Adobe. Did you ever bought and using some of their services like extensions, Plugins, E-commerce website themes? be aware, your credentials are at Risk.

Security Experts from Adobe had found the incident on November 21st, soon they temporarily to resolve the issue. It is came to know that the hacker exploited an Unexposed Vulnerability in Market Portal to get into the network which allowed him to gather lot of information about both the customers and the vendors also.

The gained unauthorized third party access to the database leads him to Extract sensitive information such as Name, Email, shipping address, MageID, Billing and Phone number and other commercial pieces of information.

In addition to that adobe confirmed that there is no financial information breach like Credit card/Debit card and bank details happened. They also stated that the breach has nothing to do with the Magento Core Products and services.
They didn’t gave any further details about the exploit and the Methods Hacker used to exploit the Vulnerability.

We are working on it to find them, Please let us know if you got something, Lol….

Security Experts advised us to update our Passwords and do the same for other sites you are using and look ourselves to keep our account safe and clear.

Adobe Data Breach Notice

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