Cyber Crime

Hello ! every one, In today’s time most of the people around the world use internet, uploading photos and videos, or surfing the internet but in all this how would you know that you are secure on the internet ? We are losing our privacy and security in the name of technology, luxury, quick access and life style. In this blog we are going to find out what is cyber crime, types of cyber crime.

Now we are living in an advanced world and almost all of the people around the world use internet for their living even if they want to use social media, or want to access to their house form far away, We use network to established a connection for the access of internet but their is also some people who want to interfere in your life or want to stole some important file from the company these type of activities come’s under the cyber crime. In a simple word cyber crime is a computer-oriented crime which involve a computer and a network “it is the crime that committed against to a individual person or with the groups with a criminal motive to harm the victim physically or mentally”

There are some major types of cyber crime

  • Hacking – Hacking is called gaining access to someone’s computer with a malicious intent by exploiting vulnerabilities without the concern of the target or victim. By the definition, hacking is the unauthorized access to another computer and the person who performs this hacking is called hacker.
  • Cyber Stalking – Cyber Stalking is similar to stalking and it’s also a criminal activity in most of the parts of the world. Cyber Security is the use of social media or some other platform to stalk, harass, or blackmail any person or group. In some case cyberstalking becomes very intense and can lead to physical harm, rape or even murder.
  • Online identity theft – In this crime, some criminal used to stole your personal details like your account number, credit card information, social security number and use this information against you. In this crime a victim has a financial loss as well as serious threats, In this crime, criminals use your information to destroy you.
  • Online child abuse – One of the most hilarious crime ever done on the internet. There are many activities that lead to online child-abusing such as selling, buying and distribution of child pornography through websites and the humiliation of the children via chatroom and these types of activities related to child come under online child abuse.
  • A ransomware attack – In this, a hacker(person) or a group of hackers attack’s your computer encrypted your data so you can’t able to access your access and in return, they want money for giving decrypted key. In this, a victim may be a person or a organization. In 2017, it was reported that the ransomware attack causes the financial loss of 5 billion USD .
  • Online scams – In this type of crime victim willingly give money to the scammer under the fraud scheme, One of the most online scams is “charity scam” where criminal use the news and start a fake charity organization and catch the victim who really want to help those helpless people.

There are many more crimes like those i said above and many governments of different nations are implementing their own cyber laws to prevent themselves from various crimes and security breaches like i said earlier.

These are the 20 countries who have the most inappropriate use of internet like phishing web site host rank, bot rank and attack origin, malicious code rank , spam and some other criminal activities

Government of every nations try to secure their network or decrease the amount of criminal activities on the internet or on social media, As if I talk about my country India we have a portal where we can lodge our complaints on the portal after than they read your case and start working on it as soon as possible. And you can click on National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal to check the Indian government portal where you can lodge your complain.

So, be aware what you are doing with internet, or what you upload like photos, videos and your status and be aware to whom you talking to. Our safety is in our hands so, try to be safe and use internet in a better way or in secure ways.

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