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We all know, everyone stuck at home in this pandemic situation due to this rapid spread of COVID-19. Lots of People are struggling for their lives.
Invention and research for cure is intensely going on in all stages around the world and competing against one another countries to be the first one.

Researchers from Oxford University, England is in lead on inventing this cure.
Meanwhile America allegedly charges 2 Chinese hackers LI Xiaoyu (34) and DONG Jiazhi(33) are trying to steal COVID-19 Research Secrets.

They also charged against for their involvement in hacking more than hundreds of Health Organizations and COVID-19 Research Divisions and Many more Government agencies in almost 11 countries alleged by U.S Department of Justice(DoJ).

Assistant Attorney General said thatThe suspicious hackers who belongs to China works for their self profit and they work as State sponsored Hackers for China Government

American President Donald Trump is already allegedly charging against China for Spreading COVID-19 virus. U.S Government continuously charged China for this Stealing Activity by the Malicious Hackers on Research Secrets on COVID-19.
They also indulged in Stealing lots of latest technologies, Gaming Applications, Solar Energy and Pharmaceutical sector Documents and Researches.

“China Enrolled into the list of hub of hackers along with the list of Russia, Iran, North Korea in performing criminal activities” said Assistant Attorney General John C. Demers, Department of Justice. National Security Division.

It’s not only china, Russians and Iran hackers purportedly targeted U.S, U.K, and Canada companies researching on corona virus. but Russia had denied the allegations.

Li and Dong are charged with identity theft, conspiracy to commit wire fraud, theft of trade secrets and violating anti-hacking laws, which collectively carries sentence of over 40 years.
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Sam Nivethan V J
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