CodeIgniter vs Laravel: Which is a Better?


CodeIgniter is a ground-breaking PHP structure. It is worked for engineers who like a straightforward and rich toolbox to make full-highlighted web applications. CodeIgniter is perhaps the best alternative for making dynamic sites utilizing PHP. It gives the total opportunity to the clients as they don’t have to rely upon the MVC advancement design. Also, it permits outsider modules which can be valuable to execute entangled functionalities. It additionally offers magnificent security and encryption techniques.


Laravel is an open-source generally utilized PHP system. The stage was expected for the advancement of a web application by utilizing MVC design. Laravel is discharged under the MIT permit. Consequently, its source code is facilitated on GitHub. It is a solid PHP system as it adheres to expressive and precise language rules.

Use of CodeIgniter

Extraordinary help and prompt answers are given by an extremely dynamic CodeIgniter people group support. Clear and organized documentation. Clear and organized documentation. Offers upgraded security and supports. It offers a basic directing strategy. It enables you to the stored site for improved execution and stacking times

Use of Laravel

Laravel offers form control framework that assists with disentangled administration of movements. Particular bundling with arranger based reliance supervisor. Particular bundling with arranger based reliance supervisor. Particular bundling with arranger based reliance supervisor. Backing for Eloquent ORM, the progressed ActiveRecord execution for chipping away at DB. Bolster DBMS stages like MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLServer. Offers highlights like sharp edge templating motor. Backing for craftsman order alongside test codes lines interface. Has incredible documentation. Laravel enables you to implement requirements between various DBM protests by utilizing a propelled inquiry manufacturer component. The structure has an auto-stacking highlight, so you don’t do manual support and consideration ways. The structure encourages you to create new devices with the assistance of a LOC compartment.

Features of CodeIgniter

  • Straightforward and simple to utilize MVC structure.
  • Incredibly Light Weight system.
  • Structure and Data Validation.
  • Security and XSS Filtering.
  • Offers session the executives.
  • Picture Manipulation Library.
  • Backing for paging and Data Encryption.
  • Document Uploading Class.
  • Offers Data Encryption.
  • Blunder Logging.
  • Offers schedule Class, layout Engine Class, and Unit Testing class.
  • Web search tool Friendly URLs.
  • Backing for Hooks and Class Extensions.
  • Offers structure and information approval.
  • inbuilt class support for sending a mail.

Features of Laravel

  • Simple Integration with outsider libraries.
  • Particular bundling.
  • Reliance administrator completely arranger based.
  • Inquiry manufacturer as potential ORM elective.
  • Simple to utilize the sharp edge templating motor.
  • Worked in verification instruments and storing system.
  • Unparalleled quality session control.
  • Offer better IO abilities.

Which is better? Laravel vs CodeIgniter

To finish up this, we can say both of these PHP structures have its significance and advantages. Notwithstanding, It altogether relies upon your task what one you ought to like. In spite of that, we can say that Laravel has a little edge contrasted with CodeIgniter as a result of its exquisite and propelled highlights.




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