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Today we are going to take a look on how to mirror or footprint a website locally. But why?

Making multiple request to the web server will push you in a bad position when You are into web application Penetration Testing, IDS, Web Application Firewalls can easily detect your Multiple request to the server.

So what we gonna do here is, Mirroring a website that we want to fingerprint with the help of a Tool so called “HTTrack Web Site Copier” . This tool will help us to mirror an entire an website onto a local system which enable us to attack or browse in offline. It will totally assists in finding Directory structure, by building recursively all directories, HTML, images, flash, videos, and other files from the server to our computer.

So, Let’s Dive in

STEP 1:- Download and install HTTrack Web Site Copier then Run it.

STEP 2:- Open HTTrack then click Next to proceed

STEP 3:- Give the project name and Categories(Eg. Official), we also can proceed with the existing one also, the click NEXT

STEP 4:- Add the URL info in the given Block, then click “set Options”, a pop up will appear like given below. Here I used My Personal URL. You can go with as u want.

Navigate to SCAN RULES tab then select all the three check boxes to include the file types to the search and mirroring. Then click OK. Then NEXT.

STEP 5:- Select the check box “Disconnect when Finished” then Click FINISH.

You can see now the mirroring of Website is started like as shown below…

NOTE: SOMETIMES IT WILL SHOW AN MIRROR ERROR, at that time we just have to deselect the “Disconnect when finished” option and the File types in the extension “set rules”. It will cause a conflict because of updates in the sites.\

STEP 6:- After mirroring click “Browse mirrored website” Then You can see the mirrored site will be opened in a browser locally(Check the ur), We don’t need Internet Connectivity for accessing this site now.

With the help of this tool, penetration testers can make multiple requests to the site without any hesitation of being detected.

Pen-testers and Web developers use this tool to Footprint the website to find out the technologies, Tools, CMS used to build that website. so It will be useful for their further Analysis and process.

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