One of the most using scanner by millions of people around the world with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) in CAM SCANNER is found to be Not Secure

Peoples are using this application to scan lot of sensitive information like Certificates, Photos, ID details, Bank passbook Details to convert the format into JPEG, PDF.

Kaspersky Researchers are the people who Caught this Malicious activity of this application recently. It is said to be that Cam Scanner is having and carrying malware with it, but not from its own application but from third party SDK called AdHub. Researchers revealed that it is carrying a Trojan Dropper Component called as Trojan-Dropper.AndroidOS.Necro.n, this Specific Malware component is Spotted in various Chinese smartphones in some Pre-installed applications.

The main threat by this Application comes by the advertisements in the application, which contains intrusive advertisement to loot money from the user by using fake subscriptions and many things.

Reversing of this Malware component gave lot of information on this Malware to the researchers. Let me explain what is happening in the background.

Slipping of Malicious Content in to the application by development partners of an unscrupulous advertisers for the sake of money.

The application was using a Compressed Encrypted ZIP file called as which we cannot decrypt as itself decrypt and execute the malware when CAM SCANNER runs.

After Decryption it will be using several Java tools to call the Dropper to download several Malicious files to start Malvertising on the affected Phones to lure, to deceive people to make them fall for fake Subscription things. The dropper also allows hackers to install Malware that expose users Banking credentials to the hackers.

Google Removed the Cam Scanner App from their original Play store to prevent the users from future instances.


We cannot be sure even the application is downloaded from its Official App Store.

Google Play-store is having lot of vulnerable applications which they cannot check thoroughly.

So it is advisable to be updated with the Cyber security News, lol. Keep using an updated version of Anti-virus application in your android Device to Protect yourself from any Malicious activity of applications.

Eventhough they have released patches and updates for the applications, it is still on the verge to affect some users who didn’t updated their applications.

Finally, we should uninstall this application and move on to another one to use it for some scanning purposes. I can suggest you Office Lens.

Always look up for reviews of users of an application, it will help us to find some strange information.

For more Technical info, I suggest you to head towards here

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