235 Million Instagram, TikTok And YouTube User data in risk?

Your Data In Risk! As recently According to The Comparitech security research team at disclosed how an unsecured database left almost 235 million Instagram, TikTok and YouTube user profiles exposed online in what can only be described as a massive data leak. Data Was Found In Internet Which Exposed User Data except Their Password It was Biggest data exposed in 2020.

According to Comparitech exposed data It contained user information names, contact info, images, and stats about followers which done by Web scraping by some scammer Or bad actors.

As Bob Diachenko, researcher fof Comparitech, found three identical copies of the database on August 1. According to Comparitech The data was spread across different datasets the most significant being two coming in at just under 100 million each and containing profile records that scammers ad actor scraped from Instagram. dataset of some 42 million TikTok users which exposed , and under 4 million YouTube user profiles exposed .

Exposed Data Of 235 Million Users:
  • Profile name
  • Full real name
  • Profile photo
  • Account description
  • Phone No
  • Some emails

Leak Information Which cause risk to 235 million users PI data exposed As basically this is common now a days but scammer Cyber criminal collect this information by data scrap users or the host company has given permission, it is considered legal, or else it will be deemed as a serious crime for violating user privacy protocols.

As data was deleted From Internet but Which may Bad actor already access users data As The Chief Technology Officer of Social Data acknowledged the issue and closed the access door to the database. This was Biggest data exposed In 2020 As Day bay day growing Tiktok users data breach if we compare with other.

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Author : Pallab Jyoti Borah (VAPT Analyst )

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