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Its been a long time we talked about a spyware on run. Today we will talk about the Israeli Spyware.

Basically Pegasus is crafted by former Israeli intelligence Officials named as NSO group, to help government agencies and terrorists groups. Even the Governments use this spyware to spy on their Politicians to have an eye on their work.

Pegasus is not new for this Digital world, It came to spot light in 2016 through spear phishing and Infiltrated Huge number of phones.

So what’s new now?

Recently, Few journalism Organizations combined together investigated that the pegasus is leaking a list of some 50,000 phone numbers of targets.

The Wire, a digital news platform has disclosed that spyware was used to target over 300 mobile phone numbers in India that includes Rahul Gandhi, Prashant Kishor, Askhok Lavasa, Trinamool Congress leader Abhishek Banerjee.

Indian Information Technology Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw says that Illegal Surveillance was not possible in India with Checks and balances in place.

Citing the report, the IT minister said the mere presence of a phone number on the leaked database did not show whether the device on which it was used was infected with Pegasus or subjected to an attempted hack

Meanwhile politicians started asking for answers or claiming the government if govt acquired the pegasus spyware or not.

Mr. Subramanian Swamy posted in his twitter handle that Pegasus works on paid contracts. So who paid for them. If its not government then who? It is the Modi Government’s duty to tell the people of India.

Few Countries states that this is to confuse people and create issues with the government.

NSO says that, the Journalist Organizations mistook the Numbers and countries We have for another purpose. They have cleared that it is totally a false claim by the Journalist Companies.

Whatsapp is saying that they are going to sue NSO for using their medium for spreading this Spyware.

Whatever, finally our Privacy is at risk now no matter you are an Android user or iOS user.

Make sure to open any type of files only from authorized and well known persons. Try to keep your circle small.

Let’s wait and watch for what happens next with this Pegasus.

Thank you so much, See you again in another Blog post.


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