How to stay updated in the field of Hacking?

Stay updated in the field of hacking

Jan 19, 2023 / By Securium Solutions

Today I will be sharing very important things where I will tell you “How to be always  updated in this hacking field?”

If you are in the hacking field then you might know that we need to be updated because we should be known with daily trending news,  learning resources, zero-day vulnerabilities, and many more.

I should give you an example if you have heard about Log4Shell vulnerability then you would know that many researchers who were updated found many of them on websites and reported them. You may have got how much it is important to be updated in our cybersec field.

Now let’s see how we can be updated regularly just with the help of some good platforms. First and the best is forums.

Forums are the best way to get updated in the infosec field. Forums are the platforms or can say websites where many hackers interact and share recent news, vulnerabilities, etc.

Even you will get many free resources that will help you to learn new things and enhance your skills. Here many attackers do gossips and share their knowledge. But here is a disclaimer that forums may have blackhats and illegal gossip also. So, we will not be responsible if you use them to perform illegal activities.

There are many forums available where you can visit and do the same as mentioned above.
  • Reddit’s “netsec” community ( is a large and active forum for discussing network security and cybersecurity.
  • The “Ethical Hacking” section of the Null Byte community ( provides tutorials and discussions on various ethical hacking topics.
  • Stackexchange has also created a hacking forum where you can question and answer regarding 0days, CVEs, and related to cybersecurity. 
  • There are many forums that you can find on google easily.

Here you will get the daily news, only related to cybersecurity. There you will get different columns like malware, Data Breaches, Cyber attacks, etc.

The third one from which you will get updated daily is some websites where many researchers write their experiences about their findings, CVEs, 0day, and many resources which will help you to learn new things daily.

Here are some which will help you to do the same:
  • Medium: Medium is one of the best platforms where you can write and read articles of any domain. Here many good knowledge researchers write articles that may help you.

You just have to read articles related to your interest in cybersecurity and you will get notified daily.

  • InfosecWritups : InfosecWriteups is also a very great platform for us which is similar to Medium but is specially made for our cybersecurity industry. You can also read articles there to learn new things and about new vulnerabilities and CVEs.
  • Social Media: You can get updated just by scrolling social media. Some good platforms are Twitter, Linkedin, etc. Here you can follow researchers who are good in the community and share useful information.

And the best among all is Google itself. If you are good at googling that means you will easily get updated daily and can find good platforms.

So, I guess the blog is going long so I should conclude it here.

Thank you for being here till the end.

Saurabh Kumar
Securium Solution Cyber Security Intern

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