Ethical Issues: Smartphone Devices

Ethical Issues: Smartphone Devices - Securium solutions


I gone through for the analysis of the smartphones, and check that what are the impacts is changing the lifestyle of Human Being. And then I found some Security Identification like ethics issue in different sector in IT sectors. Also, I done some research on Medical industry to do identification of ethics issue arises. I mention in this blog to regarding security ethical issues.


Smartphones: as the name suggests is really very smart in handling documents, reminders, photographs, etc. Approximately more than 5 million people use smartphones to manage their daily and professional lives. These phones with access to the internet make the life of the users very easy and burden free. But at the same time, there are various disadvantages of using smartphones. Nowadays, many ethical issues got increased with the use of the internet.

We have seen various nurse using smartphones for clinical communication and to maintain the workflow in the hospital. Usage of smartphones has seemingly endorsed the attendants in properly managing the time, appointments, and managing the medical history of the patients. But this method of working has a lot of trouble in the long run. For example, if a person hacks the phone of the nurse then, he will be able to utilize those data for his own selfish and adverse intentions.

Technology has spread its wings and has undoubtedly given a tremendous amount of new opportunities to humans. With this gift of a new liberty, technology has brought some adverse crimes with it. Each data that we share with our friends, families, and colleagues are now at risk. At any point, they may get harassed by the attackers. So, we need to have a full-proof security backup to stop this.


In every country, profession and organization there are some set of moral principles that have been created to normalize the workflow of the system. When these ethics are altered or disturbed by some outsider, then it leads to the rise of ethical issues. Some of the ethical issues that may occur due to the usage of smartphones by the nurses in the clinic are as follows:

  • Privacy
  • Identification Theft
  • Data Loss
  • Security


When an organization establishes an application for their patients to book an appointment or share their medical history, or in case a nurse uses a smartphone for managing the workflow then a lot of security and protection is required. If we do not take care of the data stored with us then it may hamper the privacy of the user.

Here, privacy means that the person who shares the data with the other person wants it to be safe and not be shared with any unknown person whose intention is not known to us. Details like email address, contact numbers, communication address, and medical history are extremely vital and need to remain private. If by mistake shared with someone whose intention is wrong then it may lead to fraud or any theft.

When any data storage is hacked or disturbed by any hacker then the data leakage occurs. In data leakage, the vital information about the users are leaked and are used for adverse intentions. Due to data leakage, any other person may identify where you live, sleep, and work. The data breaching is really harmful and affects the daily life of a person.


Above mentioned details are absolutely correct and experienced by several people. When we share details with any person, we share some critical and vital information to them. They need those data for the management purpose but, those data are the actual details of a person. If in case the phone gets hacked or the cookies get saved on any unauthorized site visited by the nurse then there is a high chance of data breach or data exploitation. Nowadays, one needs to be careful enough to understand whether the site they are visiting is safe or not. They need to set passwords on their cell-phones and also apply biometric credentials for accessing their documents.

One should always have a basic sense of cybersecurity and should monitor all the files that are getting installed with their desired applications. Sometimes, these applications have some viruses that hang our phone and ultimately reveals the saved data to the outsiders.


From the above scenario, we have observed that technology is both boon and bane for us. If we use it in a better manner then, it will act as a boon. And if we take it for granted, it will be a bane. Using smartphones in hospitals for managing the clinical communication and maintaining the workflow of the hospital is somehow good but, it has a chance of future trouble. To avoid these future issues, one needs to have a strong password on their cell-phone, an understanding of websites that they are visiting and biometric credentials for accessing the documents saved in their phones.


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