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Greeting everyone! Hope Everything is going well today in this blog we are going to see different way to scan port against Your target . As we are going to use some good tools set which possible faster and time consuming which is open source.

Different Port scanning Tools:

Naabu: Naabu is ProjectDiscovery tool which scan most common port in fasterway. it help tester to validate port of our target host. It is a really simple tool that does fast SYN scans on the host/list of hosts and lists all ports that return a reply.

installaion & Usgae:

To install:

To Run naabu follow Commnad: naabu -host

As above picture we see We found 4 valid open port from our target As flag we define -host to specify Our taget Host.

Run command to scan against Specify port -> naabu -p 80,443,21-23 -host

As above Scan The ports to scan for on the host can be specified via -p parameter. It takes nmap format ports and runs enumeration on them. As we got successfully result.

RustScan: RustScans only job is to reduce the friction between finding open ports and inputting them into nmap.Rustscan is faster port scanner tool build in Rust and is both faster and provides accurate results .

Installation And Usage:

Now Run Basic Scanning Command: rustscan –ulimit 5000

As above result we See It scan Open Ports agains Our target Site. We used –ulimit 5000 Automatically ups the ULIMIT with the value you provided

Now Let’s Run rustscan With Nmap flag here we will use command: rustscan -u 5000 — -sV -sC

As above result we get result as nmap format nmap flag and scrips by adding “-“in the end and adding nmap flag after it.

As Today We Learn Different way to scan Port Against Your target we used naabu which is faster and useful when scanning for defaul port. Rustscan is both faster and accurate as nmap for scan all port so This tool really Time consuming which help tester . hope You learn something new Today !

Thank You See You In Next Blog.

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Author : Pallab Jyoti Borah | VAPT Analyst

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