How to Protect Your Smartphone From malware, ransomware and viruses

Greeting Everyone! Hope Everything is going Good Today We are going to discuss How to protect Your Smartphone’s from Malware Infect . Data protection Is Our first priotity is data is lost due to malware , viruses this may lose integrity and availability . Android is more prone to malware than other mobile operating systems.

How To secure Your Smartphone’s Against Malware Virusus We are going to Look Some common way that help You to protect Yourself From malware . Common protection mechanism Are?

Avoid third party play stores

As Apple and Google have always mentain that users download apps only from the respective companies’app stores only which purely verified and we can see free of malware or viruses. However, third party app stores do not even pretend to be secure from malicious apps. Some third party app happen to be a haven for malicious apps, As we can not trust Because which spared Viruses , malware Including due to they didn’t have any protection mechanism. As such, be very careful while downloading new apps and make sure your downloading apps from only rechnize App store Such as google play, Apple Store.

Use antivirus apps

Modern mobile antivirus apps analyse scan your phone for malware, adware and other harmful additions which may can inflict any damage against Your system . As this antivirus have capacity to scan against malaware thrats and vulnerability against Your system to protect against data theft , make sure your downloaded antivirus apps from the known names in the business.

Avoid public Wi-Fi hotspots

According to Kaspersky Labs, public Wi-fi hotspots require no authentication to establish network connections, that help a bad actor to access those networks . This way, hackers can easily access your information by positioning themselves between your device and a connection point. Unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots an attacker can take advantage of it to feed malware to connected smartphones or tablets which cause Damage And theft of information. To avoid from this types of issue don’t use public hospot as which is available at airport, railway station, bus stop, coffe shop etc.

There are some other way that helps you to protect against it, Avoid to use insecure Website, Don’t click untrusted Link, Use biometric authentication.

Conclusion: We discussed some way which help us to protect our smartphones against malwre, virus infection . We discuss some way to mitigate against risk. Thanks ! See You in nex vlog.

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