Android Insecure file storage

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Today we are going to discuss about Insecure File storage issue On android Application. As Insecure filesystem concern remain that application data is securely stored on android device that mean no one can access that data from our device If application is vulnerable which possible for data theft loss of personal data.

How It Vulnerable:

Sometime developer Made mistake When storing data to application which can be compromised By other user, attacker . If application is vulnerable This file could be access by other application without any proper permission .

Data save as, Internal Storage , External Storage.

Internal Storage :

Every application Contain some files data Like db, share preferences etc. As files that we create on internal storage are accessible only to application. Which Protection Implemented By Android . But developer mistake often use MODE_WORLD_READBALE & MODE_WORLD_WRITABLE If you look for Vulnerable application that files data can be readable by other malicious app which leads to expose Sensitive data.

External Storage:

Creating files on external storage, such as SD Cards, that are always readable and writable. Because external storage can be removed by the user and also modified by any application, You should Be aware about it you should not store any sensitive files on external which easily accessable .

How to find Insecure file storage

In order to check this type of security issue We need target application and running adb shell On Our terminal ,If we Look For Specific application package android application should contain data inside data/data/application-packages

using ‘ls’ -l command we can check file permission on particular application .

To check navigate to :

→ adb shell

To check file permission of particular application we will use ,

→ ls -l /data/data/b3nac.injuredandroid/files

using ls command we have check file permission , As below picture You will see pass.xml file which may contain user data

Now, We can view that mean other application can access this file due to improper insure file permission .

Now, We can PULL that data using adb pull Using Terminal, → adb -s pull /data/data/b3nac.injuredandroid/files/pass.xml /root/Desktop

Now, As above Picture we have pull that file inside our local environment that mean it can be compromised application data can be theft by other application,

As above picture we can view user password that mean other application could also view user Credentials which lose privacy . This Vulnerability occurred maintained application have weak file permission while developing application As well as data is Not secure or encrypted which readable by everyone.

Today we have learn how application are vulnerable for Insecure file storage if data is not stored properly it may compromised by attacker. To secure developer must need to verify app permission, We need to use Some encryption algorithm that may protect against this type of issue .


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