Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)

Get Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) Aid To Secure Your Sensitive Data From Complex Threat

Many more risks are evaluating today in the present scenario. Thus it becomes important in every possible manner to evaluate such risks and find a way to resolve such matters so it could not make any deep impact on the data or sensitive information.

Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is evaluating advanced threats and risks that can mitigate the system and its security for the wrong purpose. It gives an advanced and different approach to the user to get hands-on several risks that can brutally give a huge impact on the system configuration.

How Does Advanced Threat Protection Works


  • Real-Time Visibility :

To gain the real-time visibility of the threats before it is too late to handle. It is important to do so as if in a system threat is analysed then the resources must be backed up or some procedures to be followed to get severe damages.

  • Context:

In context relative to security terms and security related to it, threats must be configured accordingly and should be responded to depending on their behaviour and relative scenario.

  • Data Awareness:

Data is the key to any one’s success, it is very important to understand the data, what its contribution is and what it represents. For security purposes, it is valid to have a deep understanding of the data and what consequences it can bring over with itself.

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Benefits Of Advanced Threat Protection Services

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is a standard maintained for the organizations or sectors who are working in holding and providing facility details for credit cards. It involves all the practices that such an organization needs to follow to maintain the information of the user or their personal information from being lost to intruders.

Key Security Questions You Need to Ask

Advanced Threat Protection is the measure taken to prevent the system from different kinds of vulnerabilities and how it should be taken care to defend such vulnerabilities.

Cyber Security Services have a great deal in encountering risks that are happening in the system. It helps to find the risks associated with the system and helps to strengthen the security structure more firmly.

Securium Solutions is one of the leading cyber security service provider companies in Delhi NCR and other regions. The services held are totally compatible and we structure full reports according to the given queries.

What Securium Solutions Has To Offer For Advanced Threat Protection

Full Inline Prevention:Our system totally analyses the inline functions of the system and blocks the content that is not viable or is unreliable. It is thus a valid and complete designed architecture to handle such attacks and threats that can take over the system performance.

Inline Sandbox And ML: In the security context, it separates running the program from others so the process keeps running and the procedure for applying security measures for the system and information safety.

Always-on SSL Inspection:It also intercepts the monitoring of interconnected networks between the user and server to intercept if it is facing any issue related while transmitting or receiving information from both ends.

Cloud Effect: It also keeps a regular check on the cloud to see if it is not affected by other things or malicious activities that could harm the system brutally. If it occurs, it provides real-time security and protection to the platform effectively and resolves the issues if facing any.

Proxy Inspection at Cloud Scale

At cloud, we inspect the platform at each scale and observe its traffic and deliver its services accordingly.

No matter how much the traffic it collects, it does not hold its capacity and work accordingly without any load.

Off-network Protection

We design our products efficiently so that it can give response according to the user behaviour and can operate offline to provide full protection to the system and important functions.

A Sandbox That Blocks Threats

As it overlooks the system from the inner shell, it blocks the threats and gets solutions according to the requirements of the desired one. If you get any file that is purely infected, it quarantines the file systematically.

It detects threats and risks itself without working so hard for it. It itself analyses the system and provides the solution according to its requirements.