soc 2 compliance

SOC 2 Compliance Focuses To Secure Customer Data And Strengthens Organization

SOC 2 Compliance is an auditing process that ensures that your service carriers firmly control your information to defend the pastimes of your company as well as the privacy of its clients. Especially for security-minded businesses, becoming compliant with SOC 2 is a least and basic requirement when taking into consideration a SaaS supplier.

We verify and manage all the needful Standards and Security measures that is mandatory in an organization. We Work on the Same Frame that SOC 2 Compliance was framed. It defines criteria for managing customer data based on Five trust Service principles.

  • Security
  • Availability
  • Processing Integrity
  • Confidentiality
  • Privacy

With these 5 Criteria we add our Securium Solutions Essence with it to make it more effective by planning for Disaster Recovery, Intrusion Detection, Encryption, Access Control, and Quality Assurance.

Trust Standards For SOC 2 Compliance Are Broken Down As Follows

  • Security :Security standards are maintained in order to make it protected from unauthorised access and data stealing. By injecting malicious softwares in the system one could get unauthorised access to the system and make severe harm to the valuable data in the system. Thus firewalls and security walls are taken up so no abusive file or software could get in the system and harness the quality of maintained data in the system.
  • Availability :To make sure that the configured sources are available in the suitable context and preferred whenever they are needed. Overall performance of the set is made available on the basis of the availability of the system. It does not give the specific idea about the functionality or performance of the system but does look for the performance of the network stability and security standards related.
  • Processing Integrity :Integrity means preserving the confidential information of the system and trying to keep it maintained throughout the whole process. Processing integrity is not just limited to protecting the integrity of data, it also checks the errors that are present in the system and resolves it before it does a harmful effect on the system. It also checks the processing of the data and checks its compatibility with the other procedures that needs to be established.
  • Confidentiality :To any organization, data is very important and it needs special specifications to be kept hidden from intruders and unwanted sources. For doing such, many things are considered like the data is encrypted so it does not get easily handed in for malicious purpose. Another option is to maintain window firewalls in the system so no packet from unauthorised source can get in the system and effect it.
  • Privacy :Within an organization, privacy is considered to be the most important feature included in it. As it is very important to do so as without doing such, it is impossible to conserve the resources of the organization. Users information is very critical in any organization and it is important to conserve the information from leaking or being breached by other sources.

What Are The Importance Of SOC 2 Compliance

Cloud is the superior platform being used in the organizations for conducting the data flow through the given one. It is thus important to take control of the organization and system controls that are used. For maintaining the security standards, audits are performed regularly in the systems so security contexts keep on evolving and analysis is done regularly so it does delivers the context safely and accurately.