Internship program for Engineering Graduates across Global Region

Securium Solutions Pvt Ltd is ahead of web designing, development, and versatile applications organization situated in NOIDA, India which has been giving web-empowered assistance since origin we have developed and exceeded expectations in the administrations we give. We are adaptable in client's requests and the explanation we're ready to offer such high incentive for your cash is that there is a pool of exceptionally taught, well-prepared IT experts and visual specialists in our group, who are moved on from head establishments of India. We have our Open Source Development Center in Noida, India.


Related FAQ's

What could be the potential purposes behind a temporary position to be declined from distribution on Securium Solutions?

An entry-level position can be declined from production on Securium Solutions for following reasons –

  • It was an unpaid entry-level position or a grounds minister program or a preparation.
  • Insufficient details too crisp or too unclear a portrayal of the association, or temporary position profile.
  • Absence of believability notably if subtleties like web site address, official email id, association Facebook page, your LinkedIn profile so forth aren't given.
  • Low-quality temporary job profile uncommon, not several things wherever managers can, in general, think about assistants free/modest work and spotlight a lot of on finishing modest undertakings through them with no tutoring or testing assignments.
  • No correspondence of results for any past internship(s) you will have announce with Company.
  • Abuse of candidates' info for a past internship(s) you will have announce with Company.

What's the Difference between Internship and Training as per Securium Solutions?

As per classification that we have a tendency to use, Training is wherever a student has designated basis his/her existing skillset and is concerned during a real-life project/work of the organization and acquires new skills within the method. There could or might not be a regular payment paid to the coed. Training, on the opposite hand, is wherever student pays a fee and joins a room (or lab) based mostly program to accumulate a brand new ability. whereas there could also be practicals conducted throughout the program to simulate business comes, however these don't seem to be identical as operating within a company atmosphere on a true downside. Securium Solutions will enable choose few coaching programs to be listed on our web site beneath the ‘Trainings’ tab on a fee basis.

Why will Securium Solutions create it necessary to share details of selected candidates among fifteen days of application closing date?
To honor our commitment to students to stay the method time sure and clear. To respect our responsibility to understudies to keep the handling time-bound and straightforward. It additionally encourages us to make a move against a blundering understudy who may not join after at first tolerating your offer (For instance, on the off chance that he/she has been acknowledged for another temporary job on Securium Solutions).
We have different entry-level position openings (Sales, Programming, Social Media, and so forth.), would I(Candidate) be able to post every one of them in one temporary job post?
No. If it's not too much trouble post just one sort of temporary position profile (Sales for instance) in one entry-level position post. In the event that a similar profile is accessible in numerous areas, you can make reference to that in one post itself. Anyway for an alternate profile (say your first entry-level position is in the Sales space and another in Programming), if it's not too much trouble make another temporary job post.