Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

Introduction to HIPAA

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) also known as Kennedy – Kassebaum Act was made in 1996.

The prime aim of the act was to preserve the personal information of sensitive patients from being exposed to harmful sources and to protect the health care benefits related to the patients, employees, their families and authoritative persons.

How Does HIPAA Compliance And Risk Management Made Simple

  • Simple Deployment

    It simply deploys the compliance and risk management programs that needed to be done for securing the system from various threats and hacks. Based on the information security compliance it designs and deploys the security procedure as established for the security purpose.

  • Unified Control Management

    It controls the overall management of the system and takes out the analysis on the basis of it. For various frameworks, it looks for the strength and weakness encountered during monitoring the system configuration. After looking at the whole scenario, it deploys the functions accordingly that needs to be done.

  • Centralized Dashboard

    It provides a centralized point from where you can access all the necessary details needed to make compliance programs and essential details needed for protecting the information assets.

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HIPAA Compliance Solution Aims To Stay On Top With Automated Controls And Reporting

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) accounts that any health information related to employees working in an organization should be kept from third-party sources and from being leaked.

For implementing such, some privacy and security rules are made to be taken into consideration and applying these rules.

Key Security Questions You Need to Ask

HIPAA means the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act taken to modernize the healthcare information and stipulate organizations to maintain the information from being lost or stolen.
Organizations which organize the health care details of patients like hospitals, physicians or medical organizations, need to have such compliance service for security of such kind of information.
Completing all the necessary requirements falling under HIPAA, it thus makes and assures the organization so that people can have a trusted mark on the firm and they can get their personal services safely.

How Does HIPAA Compliance Works

Scope Determination:Before implementing any procedure, we first clarify what is the main objective of the compliance to be held for. What vulnerabilities or threats are present in the system and how the functionality should take place.

Gap Analysis:Afterwards, we look for the detailed version of problems that have been coming and how they should be handled on the basis of the coming events. Best practices and services take place on the basis of the standards considered.

Implementation:After looking for the situation that arises, we begin to apply the process by following the guidelines of accountability act. Aiming to improve the security posture of the organization and do current changes that are needed to be done accordingly.

Internal Audit: While performing strategies, alongside we perform audit checks to see the controls and implementations working efficiently or not. It takes place to see the changes and see if any audit is needed to be done and rectify the process from the beginning.

Certification: After doing all the certain things, we perform certification criteria to make sure and a proof of the compliance has been done and an audit been performed by several experts, which makes it trustworthy and easy for clients to make it work.


Compliance Is First A State Of Mind

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is taken to check and safeguard the privacy of the health issues related to the users whose data has been fed accordingly.

It is a great deal for any organization to make secure impacts with healthcare association, some policies and rules are needed to be followed up for taking up such care.

Secure and Digital Platform

Ensuring this gives a great platform to save records as the world is transforming and everything is going digital and it has been reported several times of data breach or hacks.

Besides, it is an easy and configured manner to take the necessary details when someone wants it at any place for their use.

Benefits with HIPAA Compliance System

Talking about the advantage, it gives structured and organised data to the customers with all the available options related to their health and what measures they can opt for themselves.

It does provide all the details of the desired one in an organised and lawful manner.


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