Future Scope Java vs Python ?

Many developers would agree that python is simple and more productive and the other hand java is difficult and complex. The programming language writes an efficient program for critical problems and for mobile applications, web applications, and games, etc. Python has easy syntax while java has complex syntax.

Python :

Python is more productive than java . Python have a easy syntax . Python is very good option for scripting and rapid web application . Python code is much shorter .This might be reason for python is more productive language . In near future , Python will be that one language will every developer will know and use to get for complete the task . Currently python is widely used in back end development , cyber security (protecting , attack , tool generate) , Big data , Data Science , Artificial Intelligence and many field .

Python code is shorter than other programming languages (c + +, c, java). Python has easy syntax structure and many predefined functions. This predefined function, the program makes it shorter and easy. Let’s take an example.

  • There is one line code of printing Hello Python!
  • It’s free! Python is an open-source programming language it means python is free for everyone.
  • Capable for back – end, and Front – end development: Python is a general-purpose programming language and this programming language is used for front end and back end development. Python does not support front end part but some of the python frameworks support front end development. It’s two frameworks namely ; Django and Flask.
  • Cross-Platform Language: Python supports different operating systems. Ubuntu, Linux, Windows and etc.
  • Strong support of communities
  • Companies using python: Google, Quora, Instagram, IBM, NASA, Youtube, Dropbox, YAHOO, Uber, etc.


Java is popular programming language created in 1995 . It’s owned by oracle . It’s is used for mobile application development , Desktop application , Web application , Games and database connection and much more . Java have complex syntax as compare to python . Let’s take a example :

  • There are few lines of code for printing Hello Java! : This code is bigger than as compare to python code.
  • Java works on a different platform (Windows, Linux, Mac etc )
  • It’s open-source and free. Java SE can be free but Java SE Advance desktop is not.
  • It’s secure and powerful and fast.

Conclusion :

Python’s future is looking very very bright. While this reduces the program length and boosts productivity, Python is easy to pick. Beginning with Python is a very good choice. It also helps in the analysis of data through its high-performance libraries and tools.

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