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We will get to know a sudo vulnerability which is found in LINUX operating system found this past weekend.

SUDO – Super User Do is a commonly used utility by all the Linux and Unix users to do super user privileges with specific permission to specific users, those who can access those who not, simply we can say authorization in Linux.

It came to our attention that Linux Users have to pay attention to this vulnerability which was found by Joe Vennix from Apple Information Security found and analyzed the bug.

This serious vulnerability gives root level privilege access to the non-root user with the restricted permissions, may be a bad intent user or with any malicious arbitrary command over the targeted Linux Operating System, Even though if we had restricted permissions over the security sudoer’s configuration file, it will bypass the security measure with this bug.

We can see the sudoer file by using this command visudo if you have root privileges with the user.

In a specific scenario with a vulnerability like this unprivileged user can gain root access over privileged user. This vulnerability is filed as CVE-2019-14287 with this common vulnerability exposure number.

How to check this vulnerability?

Using this simple command can do all the damage to a super user Sudo -u#-1 id -u or Sudo -u#4294967295 id -u Using of this command will give the non-root user with root access because the function which is used to converts user id into its username mistreats -1, or its unsigned equivalent 4294967295, as 0, which is always the user ID of root user.

In sudoer’s file we will be having the privilege like this root = (ALL: ALL) ALL, in this file only we will be adding other users, or group users Privileges in which what they do access or don’t.

Version 1.8.28 is rolled out all of a sudden by some of the linux distributions to the users after this vulnerability is exposed by the researcher past weekend.

So it is Advisable to the Linux the users to update their system to the version 1.8.28, Version prior to 1.8.28 is still vulnerable to this vulnerability, so I urge you guys to take action on this.

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