Subdomain Enumaration Using Waybackurl’s

Greeting Everyone! Hope Everything is going good back with another Blog Today we are going to look how to perform Subdomain Enumaration with extracting all wayback urls from targeted Domain. Here we are going to use two best tool Subfinder & Subliser To Perform Enumaration As Collect all possible urls from Wayback Machine.

What is subdomain enumaration?

A subdomain is an additional part to your main domain name. Subdomains are created to organize and navigate to different sections of your website. enumeration is the process of finding valid (resolvable) subdomains for one or more domain(s). In this phase we need o collect all the possible Subdomains From Our targeted Domain.

How To Perform :

We are going to use tool Subfinder To utilize Our enumaration Phase ,

How to Install Subfinder:
git clone
cd subfinder/v2/cmd/subfinder
go build .
mv subfinder /usr/local/bin/
subfinder -h

After Succesfully Install to check Run command Subfinder -h Here We are going to collect all the possible Subdomains To Collect We will use Command: Subfinder -d -o Domains.txt

As Above Pic we See We collect As enumerated all the subdomains From Our targeted Site we used -d Flag to define domain for scan and -o to save all data as output file .

Now, To Collect all the weyback urls from our captured output file where we have all subdomains List here we are going to utilize using waybackurl :

Waybackurl, or the Wayback Machine as it’s more commonly know, is a web crawler and indexing system for the internet’s web pages for historical archiving.

Installation Of waybackurls:

-> git clone

Usage to fetch all waybackurl from Wayback machine for our all collected domain which we have previously captured using subfinder, Command : cat domainstesla.txt | waybackurl

Now as above picture we see We successfully able to collect all the possible wayback urls from Our targeted Domains list we used cat to read file and waybackurl to extract all url. Hope Now You can perform Subdomain enumaration against Your targeted domain.

Conclusion: Today as we See How to perform subdomain enumeration & Collect all the url from Wayback machine which consisit as recon Phase In Our Penetration Testing Steps. We used Two different tool to make our testing phase more easy. Hope You Learned Something New! See You In next Blog…..!

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