Samsung Vulnerability Exposed Users to Remote Attacks

Greeting Everyone!Today we are going to discuss recently found Security Bug On Samsung smart phone Which could Lead attacker can perform remote attack against samsung users .

A new security research , Recently disclosed a string of severe security vulnerabilities in the ‘Find My Mobile‘—an Android app that comes pre-installed on most Samsung smartphones—that could have allowed remote attackers to track victims’ real-time location, monitor phone calls, and messages, and even delete data stored on the phone. Which cause Impact Samsung users .

As According Portugal-based cybersecurity services provider Char49 revealed its findings on Samsung’s Find My Mobile Android app at the DEF CON conference that shared Vulnerabily details with cyber news .

According to Portugal-based cybersecurity services provider Char49, there were four different vulnerabilities in the app that which could lead Huge impact for ther users by a malicious app installed on the targeted device, thus creating a man-in-the-disk attack to hijack communication from the backend servers and snoop on the victim which directly Impact any End users due to Default vulnerable Application installed On device .

According to them The flaw it checks of a specific file on the device’s SD card (“/mnt/sdcard/fmm.prop”) in order to load a URL (“mg.URL”), thus allowing a rogue app to create this file that can be used by a attacker to potentially hijack the communications with the server & communication .

It Impact Users :

As Vulnerable Default Application “Find My Mobile” after attacker successful attack could allow a to track the device’s location, grab call data and text messages for spying, lock the phone for ransom, and erase all data through a factory reset.
Needless to say, the vulnerability is yet another indicator of how an app that’s meant to safeguard users against information loss can be susceptible to a number of flaws that can defeat the app’s purpose.

So Growing Of Technology more Threads come which andattacker take advantage of it to gain access any users of So as To mitigate Risk we need to follow , As Below ,

Update Your device

Don’t allow third party software To place In Your device

For Secure You only protect against this .

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Author : Pallab Jyoti Borah (VAPT Analyst )

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