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FristiLeaks:1.3 – CTF [SOLVED]

Good Evening Guys, We, Securium Solutions will be posting Walk-through of several CTF machines in the upcoming days. Stay tuned for latest updates. Today we started our CTF series with a beginner level CTF machine named as FristiLeaks-1.3 Go through all the steps for clear understanding. Switched on the Vulnerable Fristi Machine, then did Ping …

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DIGITAL INDIA As we are all moving and working towards Digitalized India, we need to focus and care about our security too. Being everything Digitized these days someone needs to protect it to keep our information safe and clear. NEED? Things are were very different in past decade when compared today, Technology is ameliorating day …


Blueimp’s jQuery 9.22.0 – (Arbitrary) File Upload (Metasploit)

As the Metasploit discloses the new blueimp’s jQuery 9.22.0 RCE vulnerability which allows attackers to remotely execute code on the server which runs blueimp’s jQuery to get reverse meterpreter shell in return. This leads to the major issue and can give complete access to the server to the attacker.  The blueimp’s jQuery is a  File …

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Comparison on Cloud : PaaS Services

In this journey, I went through the world of advanced Internet Solutions, where I understand Cloud Computing Power. Which are the companies in this market providing different solutions based on the Client requirements? And understand Cloud Computing and their different platform to provide solutions over the Internet? It is a pay-as-you-go service. And learn about …

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Hey guys, so in previous blog we learn how pandas worked in data science or in python, i hope my blog helped you and today we are going to learn about the array and some basic operations performed on it. so, let’s start 1d array A One-dimensional array(single dimensional array) is a type of linear …

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