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Hey guys, so in previous blog we learn how pandas worked in data science or in python, i hope my blog helped you and today we are going to learn about the array and some basic operations performed on it. so, let’s start 1d array A One-dimensional array(single dimensional array) is a type of linear …

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Python variables

Python is a programming language used for multiple areas like Web design , Machine learning , Data science , Software development , Web and Desktop application designing .Here we learn about python variables . We using python 3.7.4 and Pycharm . Pycharm is a IDE (Integrated Development Environment) helps to run python program and provide …

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Python : Why python ?

Python is a popular programming language across the world. Programming language is very important to make something like software , any website , API, game,graphics,calculation etc.Here some important application and features because anyone to learn python . 1. Easy to learn and simple : python is a very simple programming language . Python is very …

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Buffer over flow | Securium Solutions


Hey guys, Sec solutions Back again with another Blog, Today we will be learning about Buffer Over flow Exploit, the most critical Exploit currently in Industry. What is BufferOverflow? Buffer Overflow Happens when we try to write a piece of string or some other variables in the memory which is only certain length, so Attacker …