Honeypot is a technique used to lure the intruders by making false banners. It can also be used to gain information on operation of Cyber criminals. We can deploy a honey pot by using either software or hardware also. Here we will be using a tool called PENTBOX to setting up honeypot.

PENTBOX is a penetration testing tool which is currently using by many organizations and networks to lure and deceive the intruders. Pentboxt is a Kali Linux open source tool its easy to configure, we can get it from GitHub.

Here is link https://github.com/royaflash/pentbox.git


STEP 1:- Open the GitHub link copy and clone it in terminal

STEP 2:- Navigate to Pentbox directory and run the Pentbox.rb file.

STEP 3:- Chose option 2 and get into network tools

STEP 4:- choose option 3 for honeypot.

STEP 4:- Two types of configuration will be available choose 2nd for manual configuration. provide all requirements like port, false banners.

STEP 5:- Choose yes or type y to save the logs of an intruder and give the path you want to store it, choose yes or no to activate beep.

STEP 6:- Now try scanning from another machine to check for the honeypot.

STEP 7:- check the logs for intrusion in the saved path.


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