DATA on Social Media

Hey guy’s, I hope you are doing well so in today’s blog we are going learn about what is data? , data on social media, Social media crimes?
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The most important part of our life or I can say that this is our life.
As we doing something memorable we start creating data or we can say memory we upload it on social media to share with our friends for some like.
But how can you say that every memory is safe on social media?
Every day a huge amount of data is uploaded on the different platforms of the social media

What is DATA

Data is measured, collected and reported, and analyzed, whereupon it can be visualized using graphs, images or other analysis tools. Data as a general concept refers to the fact that some existing information or knowledge is represented or coded in some form suitable for better usage or processing.
So data is sometimes which gives information,
and data is uploaded on the internet on the daily purpose even when you reading this blog a huge amount of data is uploading on the internet.

DATA on Social Media

There are lots of social media platforms where people upload their information like photos, videos, etc.
But how you know that everything you upload on the social media is safe or never use against you?
As we know that Social media is very important platform where we can connect with other world, social media make’s our life so easy by which we can communicate with other people with the help of internet, but sometimes it get worse when our data is use against you.

Social Media Crimes

There are 5 common types of crime which comes in social media crimes.
Online Threats, Stalking. The most common crimes reported on the social media, where one user making threats, stalking or even harassing other online users.
Hacking. Sometimes people use their knowledge in a bad ways these type of people can hack your computer and stole your data.
Buying illegal things. Communicated with other people is different thing and buying bad stuff is different, some people use social media to buy drugs, or other banned products.
Criminal Activity. As you use your smart phone everywhere and when you see something you start posting but sometimes it is important to get your camera down, everything is not for posting.
Invasion of Privacy. It’s an offense where one person try to interfere in other’s life through social media, it including hacking others computer, reading their mail, check their online activity.

For preventing these kind of crimes you should secure your computer and your network as well and
if any of them happens to you directly go to the police.

Social Media is good for communication, if you use it in a good way , sometimes it get worse when intruder try to enter in your life without letting you know. so, be aware when you use the social media platform specially when you are talking to someone may be he/she is your friend or may be it’s an imposter who want to enter your life.

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